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Investing in creativity to explore the intersection between art, science and technology.

Disrupted Domains, Laura Splan 04
Disrupted Domains by BioArtist in Residence Laura Splan

Art meets science

At the Science Center, we use the creative arts as a platform to explore relationships between art, science and technology. Through the Esther Klein Gallery and our BioArt Residency, artists from around the world display works incorporating different mediums and disciplines.

Why do we do this? Because art inspires conversation and gives us a new way to think about things. Artists and scientists aren't that dissimilar and our work helps to bridge that perceived divide.

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Components of our Arts programming

Esther Klein Gallery (EKG)

EKG is a space where artists showcase their works across different mediums, exploring the intersection between art and science.

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Futures Without Guns

Eight artists working in a variety of mediums create new artworks and design propositions envisioning the possibilities for a future free from gun violence.

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BioArt Residency

This program invites artists into the lab, where they work alongside scientists to create art inspired by their research.

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Art at uCity Square

We work with the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) Percent For Art Program to commission public art around uCity Square, as well as community-based public art programming.

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Artists who create and innovate and ask questions are not that different from the kind of scientists we have here. So putting the two together, it’s not like apples and oranges, it’s like McIntosh and Honeycrisp apples. They’re all apples. We’re creating and we’re innovating and we’re asking questions—we’re just doing it in slightly different ways.

Ben Doranz, Integral Molecular

Art Impact

Artists Featured at Esther Klein Gallery since 1976
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