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Preserving Intellectual Property

Prioritizing Innovation for Everyone, Everywhere

In our work with companies from around the country, we can see first-hand the value that Intellectual Property (IP) protections hold for innovators in their fields, and for the health, wellness, and economic success of everyday people in the United States.

These videos explore the significance of IP for companies working to advance healthcare innovation and positively impact people’s lives, and shed light on why IP protections affect everyone – from families to students and business owners, to people like you.

We spoke with three innovators about IP protections, their businesses, and the causes that have inspired them to create life-saving technology, diagnostic tools, and provide accessible healthcare to all.

Watch the videos

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Video Interviews

UE LifeSciences

Addressing Health Disparities Through Early Detection

UE LifeSciences Co-founder and CEO Mihir Shah shares how IP has allowed his company to advance its mission of providing early cancer detection tools and screenings accessible to women around the globe.

Prana Thoracic

Building the Future of Early Intervention in Lung Cancer

Prana Thoracic Co-founder and CEO Joanna Nathan discusses how IP affects her team of surgeons, engineers, and entrepreneurs in their mission to tackle lung cancer in the U.S.


Achieving health equity through inclusive research trials

Acclinate Co-founder and CEO Del Smith shares his experience navigating IP in his company’s work to diversify clinical trials and help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies engage with communities of color.

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