Port Business Incubator

Incubating successful startups means more than giving them a space to grow



Finding flexible and affordable space can be an important step in the formation and growth of a successful company. Equally important is being located in an environment with a “critical mass” of entrepreneurs, innovators and sources of capital. Our world-class Port business incubator is one of only a handful of incubators in the region offering turnkey office and lab facilities, as well as access to shared lab equipment that is often too expensive for an early-stage company to purchase on its own. Beyond the physical infrastructure, the Port offers a strong connection to Greater Philadelphia’s innovation ecosystem and the ingredients startups need to grow and be successful. Residents can access Science Center networks and programs to capitalize and develop their businesses, while tapping into the rich pool of local talent to grow their workforce.  

"It only took a few weeks to move in and set up at the Port, and we quickly established collaborations with area research institutions, giving us access to critical resources."

Gabriel Otte, CEO and co-founder, Freenome - graduate of the Port business incubator


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Our Companies

Home to a diverse group of early-stage companies in life sciences and emerging technologies, the Port business incubator at the Science Center in Philadelphia is often a startup’s first stop on its path to growth. Our residents are shaping the future of healthcare, energy, technology and beyond.


3711 Partners

3711 Partners LLC is a data science company developing cutting edge algorithms to analyze large and complex data. We provide data consulting services and custom algorithm development to a wide variety of clients from financial institutions to airport operators.




ANGLE North America
A medical technology company with a device that rapidly separates rare cells, such as cancer cells, from blood, for early diagnosis. 



Creating humanized rabbits as an antibody discovery platform. This platform offers major improvement potential in diversity and affinity over existing mouse antibody discovery platforms.


AUM Biotech
A biotech startup developing gene-targeting molecules that can be used for research and personalized medicine for a variety of rare diseases, cancers, and infectious diseases.


AUM Life Science 


BioSignal Analytics

Improving quality of healthcare through the use an automated interpretation technology, based on machine learning algorithms. Their decision-support tool, AutoEEG, integrates into neurologists’ clinical workflow and provides real-time seizure detection alerts. 


Chondrial Therapeutics

Developing a novel protein replacement strategy for treating mitochondrial diseases in patients. This technology will have broad application, should the company be successful in demonstrating activity in treating Friedreich’s Ataxia - a rare debilitating condition in which children and young adults progressively lose the ability to walk and speak as their hearts grow thick and weak before they eventually fail.



Solving a major process bottleneck in therapeutic protein production while significantly lowering the cost of goods for biotech and contract manufacturing companies. Our mission is to provide robust, flexible and cost-effective continuous manufacturing solutions to the biopharm industry using our proprietary CCTC technology platform.


Clinical R&D 

Developing first-in-class precision methodologies that translate evidence based science into clinical applications. Their technologies have enabled breakthrough products that are transforming the landscapes of medicine through pioneering work in clinical research utilizing complex molecular and cell biological systems.



ConquerAb Inc. is a precision medicine company that is addressing unwanted immunogenicity of therapeutic drugs.  ConquerAb® technology includes proprietary methods and medical devices.



Curebiotech Inc. is young biotherapeutics company with a focus on platform technologies to treat a variety of aggressive cancers as well as disorders of skin and hair. The technology is borne from decades of innovative research from the science laboratories at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. The promising treatments will be commercialized to address urgent needs in oncology and dermatology.


Specializing in the research, development and marketing of novel nutritional supplements. The company’s initial product, Bone Marrow Smart™, is the first supplement intended to support bone marrow health.


Developing a blood test for the rapid diagnosis of epilepsy. This blood test differentiates

epilepsy from other causes of seizures, sparing patients from unnecessary tests and inappropriate treatments.


Evol Science
Offers assays and testing kits for research and drug discovery in cancer and other major diseases.  The technology platform seamlessly combines experimental validation with quantitation of specific molecules, simplifying the process of new target discovery.


Group K Diagnostics 

The current diagnostic process has long, complicated workflows that add up to a days-long process. Group K provides an alternative: a low-cost, paper-based diagnostic system with app, providing multiple results from blood/urine patient sample at the point of care. We simplify the current days-long timeline to 20 minutes--saving providers and patients days-worth of waiting. Requiring no hardware or extensive training while fitting provider workflow, Group K's solution is the perfect fit for outpatient providers to have actionable results during visits. Group K’s first clinical trial is set to kickoff this fall at Penn Medicine.


Hyalo Technologies
Establishing a next-generation nanotechnology drug delivery system that will reduce drug side effects and increase patient compliance. Hyalo accomplishes this by target-specific drug delivery, time-controlled drug release, sequential drug delivery intelligence and 100% biodegradability.


InnaMed, Inc.

InnaMed allows doctors and nurses to take a more intimate, data-driven approach to caring for you by enabling you to perform frequent blood tests at home.



Creates opportunities for low-income students by increasing their interest and exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines through inquiry- and project-based learning.


Kira Pharmaceutical


Lenima Field Diagnostic
Creating a point-of–care diagnostic test for infectious diseases in the gastrointestinal tract, blood stream, and respiratory tract. The test menu also includes novel cancer markers for screening high-risk individuals.


Developing a small molecule therapy to reduce side effects and increase effectiveness of radiation treatment for cancer. Synthesized from natural flaxseed, it has been shown to enhance chemotherapy and radiation treatment while protecting normal tissue from damage.


Developing a first-in-class small molecule cancer therapy. Targeting the most potent suppressor pathways in human cancer, its lead drug candidate, ONC201, is in clinical trials for multiple cancer indications.


Orange Maker
Developing a revolutionary 3-D printing process that offers increased speed, superior variety of compatible materials, smoother surface finishes, and greater degree of detail than currently available.


Persistent Telecom Solutions
Developing and offering products and services for network service providers to manage network performance, service and reporting, and to predict faults and service level breaches.


Persona Partners
Helps companies develop brands that symbolize the values and ideals espoused by their target consumers. Driven by robust data analytics, the client brand comes to represent an identity that customers aspire to represent themselves.


Phelix Therapeutics
Developing first-in-class protease inhibitors based on a platform that mimics natural structures. Initial targets include antiviral therapies for SARS, MERS and Ebola. Future platform expansions are planned to address cardiac and brain disorders.


PhenGen Biotech
Leading the effort to translate the latest gene delivery research into therapeutic applications for diseases where there is serious unmet need. PhenGen Biotech is developing novel therapeutics and research tools based on rAAV (recombinant adeno-associated viral) vectors.


Quatitative Radiology Solutions

Offers advanced body-wide quantification of medical images for applications in radiology, radiation oncology, and medical oncology. Its unique Automatic Anatomy Recognition (AAR) system supports recognition and delineation of anatomical objects and diseased tissue in multiple body regions in MRI, CT, and PET/CT images.


RSC Worldwide
A subsidiary of the UK-based Royal Society of Chemistry, the company's main purpose is to help promote chemical science activities in North America.


SAB Technology
Generates protein particles that contain DNA to be delivered to cells with genetic defects, which could potentially correct the defects.


Developing a small molecule therapy that inhibits the metabolic process in cancer cells to treat patients with solid tumors such as pancreatic cancer.



A biotech startup whose primary mission is to discover and develop small molecule therapeutics to treat chronic viral infections and its associated diseases, including cancer and autoimmunity.  Its secondary mission is to exploit viral latency to develop improved vectors for gene therapy and vaccine purposes.


Global Soft Landing

International companies can take advantage of the Global Soft Landing Program, which leverages the assets and resources of the Science Center and Greater Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial community to help global companies establish a foothold in the region’s life sciences and technology markets. Philadelphia offers a strategic location within easy reach of the nation’s regulatory/legislative hub in Washington and its financial center in New York.


“Coming from France and launching a new product category in the U.S. is highly ambitious. However, being able to establish our office in the Port has put us in a position to make key hires here and build a team here. With the added value of the Science Center network, we have a head start in creating relationships that will help us get traction in the market.”

Dawn Flitcraft, COO, Keosys NA

The International Business Innovation Association has designated the Port incubator as an InBIA Soft Landings International Incubator. The InBIA’s Soft Landings Program recognizes incubators that are especially capable of helping nondomestic companies enter the incubator’s domestic market. The Port is one of only 27 business incubation programs from around the world that have earned the designation since InBIA began the program in 2005.



The Science Center has formed partnerships with a number of international programs. For example, a partnership with Switzerland’s Yverdon Technology Park gives participating entrepreneurs space in the Port and Y-PARC’s incubator, as well as personalized support services, cultural coaching and counseling, and logistical support for travel and accommodation. This type of “foreign exchange,” organized through the Global Soft Landing Program helps international companies ease the transition when establishing operations in the reciprocal region and incubator.


The Science Center has partnerships with: 


The Port is a turn-key facility catering to the flexible leasing needs of startup companies. Residents may select from a combination of fully furnished offices, cubicles, and wet and dry labs. Port staff leverages established networks to identify area resources that can help resident companies to grow and flourish.

All-inclusive with the Port’s easy-to-manage fee are: 

  • Rent and utilities
  • Furniture and VOIP phone 
  • 24/7 access
  • On-site security
  • Internet connectivity and on-site IT support
  • Individual laboratory suites furnished with benches, casework, chemical hood, and built-in safety features such as safety shower and eye-wash station
  • Shared scientific equipment including autoclave, cold room, glassware washer, de-ionized water, centrifuges and other laboratory instruments
  • Mail, copy and fax facilities 
  • Access to kitchen and cyber café areas
  • Basic cleaning and maintenance
  • Access to conference rooms, event space and shared receptionist services
  • Marketing and public relations assistance 
  • Connectivity with regional funding organizations, angel groups and venture capital firms
  • Guidance in strategic partnership development
  • Promotion to government agencies and policy makers

3675 Market Street 

A partnership to serve and strengthen entrepreneurship in Philadelphia.


Just as our resident companies experiment and innovate, the Science Center is innovating and iterating as well. Specifically, we’re taking our support for business incubation to the next level as we plan to move into our new building in 3675 Market Street in Summer 2018.


We’re partnering with globally recognized companies CIC and BioLabs to provide world-class office and lab facilities for startups at our new location in 3675 Market Street. This partnership will provide a significant boost for resident companies of the Science Center’s Port business incubator.

Companies will be able to take advantage of first-class lab and office facilities, premium shared equipment, a higher level of concierge services and access to CIC and BioLabs’ global networks – as well as access to the Science Center’s nationally recognized commercialization and accelerator programs that are focused on mentoring, funding, strategy development and resources to accelerate businesses. Together, we’re taking entrepreneurship and innovation to the next level. Join us.


The Port will remain open until the new building is complete, ensuring a seamless transition for resident companies. To learn more about CIC and BioLabs’ facilities in 3675 Market, click here