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Exquisite Corpse for Unprecedented Times: A Socially Distanced Art Project

PHILADELPHIA -- (February 8, 2021) – Physical separation didn’t mean lack of artistic collaboration for over 100 artists from around the country and beyond.

Unprecedented Times, an exhibition inspired by the surrealist game Exquisite Corpse, features the work of artists who collaborated remotely, digitally and through the mail over the last six months.

An open call for participants yielded over 100 interest artists located everywhere from Philadelphia, Miami and Denver to as far away as London and Helsinki. Artists were broken up into small groups to collectively assemble a work of art across a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, collage, fibers, assemblage, sculpture and writing.

The exhibit is available for in-person viewing through a private appointment at

The Science Center will also feature some of the participating artists at the Virtual First Thursday taking place during Venture Café Philadelphia’s February 4th Thursday Gathering. Guests will be able to interact with over 15 art galleries including the Science Center’s own Esther Klein Gallery, in an informal virtual setting.

Additionally, the February 11th virtual reception during Venture Cafe, will feature presentations from select artists on their project contributions.

Exquisite Corpse’s closing reception will be tentatively scheduled for April. Please visit EKG’s website for updates.

Unprecedented Times: A Socially Distanced Art Project
February 11th – April 30th

Virtual Reception
February 11th
6:30 – 7:30p.m. at Venture Café Philadelphia

Gallery Hours by appointment only

Participating Artists:

April Aguillard – Philadelphia, PA
Miguel Aldaco – Philadelphia, PA
Margery Amdur – Philadelphia, PA
Kirsten Ashley – Wilmington, DE
Hayley Barker – USA
Lucy Bates – Philadelphia, PA
Henken Bean – Philadelphia, PA
Corey Bechelli – Philadelphia, PA
Jake Beckman – Philadelphia, PA
Sandra Benhaim – Philadelphia, PA
Keenan Bennett – Philadelphia, PA
Kathleen Benton – Yonkers, NY
Flo Berardinucci – Philadelphia, PA
Jim Biglan – Glenside, PA
Joyce Billet – Miami, FL
Ava Blitz – Philadelphia, PA
Agathe Bouton –Wynnewood, PA
Mark Breen-Klein – Philadelphia, PA
Jeff Brown – Upper Darby, PA
Johnny Buckley – Germantown, PA
Kit Conely – Richmond, VA
Aaron Connor – Minneapolis, MN
Olive Couri – Philadelphia, PA
Hayley Crawford – Philadelphia, PA
Marie Elcin – Philadelphia, PA
Angel Estrada – Lakewood, CO
Molly Fischer – Philadelphia, PA
Kristen Fitch – Philadelphia, PA
Jessica Fleming – Philadelphia,PA
Emily Garfield – New York, NY
Denise Garrison – Philadelphia, PA
Melissa Gonzalez-Lopez – Tallahassee FL
Don Gordon – Philadelphia, PA
Linnie Greenberg – Philadelphia, PA
Dre Grigoropol – Philadelphia, PA
Keith Hartwig – Avondale, PA
Maya Heiland – Philadelphia, PA
Tom Herbert – Montgomery County, PA
Natalie Hijinx – Philadelphia, PA
Brooke Hine – Philadelphia, PA
Scott Isenbarger – Brooklyn, NY
Suzanne Kahn – Philadelphia, PA
Rebecca Kamen – Philadelphia, PA
Monica Kane – Collingswood, NJ
Suji Kanneganti – Philadelphia, PA
Andrea Keefe – Philadelphia, PA
Christine Kemp Philadelphia, PA
Melissa Kistler – Philadelphia, PA
Tyler Kline – Philadelphia, PA
Gregory Kramer – Philadelphia, PA
Diedra Krieger – Philadelphia, PA
Andrea Krupp – Philadelphia, PA
Diane Lachman – Wynnewood, PA
Kristin Lamelas – Woolwich Township, PA
Heet Lee – Philadelphia, PA
Carole Loeffler – Philadelphia, PA
Jessica London – Philadelphia, PA
Karen Lowry – Philadelphia, PA
Rosemary Luckett – Wilmington, DE
Bonnie MacAllister – Philadelphia, PA
Virginia Maksymowicz – Philadelphia, PA
Maria Maneos – Montgomery County, PA
Susan Mania – Stockton, NJ
Michael McBride – Springfield, PA
Megan McGlynn – Helsinki, Finland
Jody McGrath – Philadelphia, PA
Angela McQuillan – Philadelphia, PA
Michael Mergen – Philadelphia, PA
MHR Metal Fab - Langhorne, PA
Maggie Mills – Philadelphia, PA
Marlene Milstein – Philadelphia, PA
Nazanin Moghbeli – Ardmore, PA
Patricia Moss-Vreeland – Philadelphia, PA
Deirdre Murphy – Philadelphia, PA
Christine Nguyen – Denver, CO
Taryn O'Reilly – London, England
Plant Intelligence Agency – Los Angeles, CA
Bhavisha Patel – Philadelphia, PA
Cristian Perez – Philadelphia, PA
Margaret Pezalla-Granlund – Elkins Park, PA
Alexis Polen – Hugo, MN
Brianna Protesto – Philadelphia, PA
Gabriella Radujko – Stonington, CT
Marco Rathjen – Philadelphia, PA
Robert Reinhardt – Philadelphia, PA
Amy Rims – Sellersville, PA
Mia Risberg – Ann Arbor, MI
Jenn Rockwell – Scottsville, VA
Ellen Rosenholtz – Collingswood, NJ
David Ross – Philadelphia, PA
Colleen Rudolf – Philadelphia, PA
Chris Sancomb – Wakefield, RI
Pam Selle – Philadelphia, PA
Emily Selvin – USA
Wendy Sittner – Washington, DC
Arlene Solomon – Narberth, PA
Lea Sorrentino – Philadelphia, PA
Sean Stoops – Philadelphia, PA
Shari Tobias – Philadelphia, PA
Rachel Udell – Sewell, NJ
Mae Vargas – Philadelphia, PA
Devon Victoria – Philadelphia, PA
Bryan Warner – Vorhees, NJ
Florence Weisz – Wynnewood, PA
Anduriel Widmark – Denver, CO
Eva Wo – Philadelphia, PA
Shannon Woodloe – Wilmington, DE
Abigail Young – Philadelphia, PA
Pedro Zagitt – Norristown, PA
Robert Zurer – Philadelphia, PA

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