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Startups FTW: Q1 2022

Welcome to our quarterly roundup featuring news and updates from our startup portfolio! 2022 had a strong start for our community from big raises, products launched, and even an appearance on Wheel of Fortune. And those companies aren’t just stateside – of the 65 current ic@3401 resident companies, we have international representation from Australia, India, Germany, the UK, Canada, and two from our new global partner in all things healthcare, Israel.

Meet Our New ic@3401 Members

  • AULA Future
    A collaborator of our FirstHand program, Aula Future is a project-based research and STEAM program with the mission of fostering innovative creators.
  • Guaranteed Health
    Moving home hospice care into the 21st century with their video telemedicine portal and 24/7, on-demand access to palliative trained RNs.
  • Hike Health
    This Customer Management System gives patients remote interoperability access to their healthcare information when they need it most.
  • The LoftySpot
    An Proof Positive Pitch Competition winner, LoftySpot is a platform to manage and offer underutilized rooms for shared space, meetings, or events.
  • NeuroTech R3
    NeuroTech’s Exergame Technology is a hand and arm rehab solution for patients suffering from brain injury and musculoskeletal impairments.
  • The ResearchPost
    The company aims to democratize access to cutting edge research by lowering barriers to publish and access journal articles.

We’d Like to Buy a Vowel

  • Sinclair Wu, Co-Founder and CFO of RightOn Education appeared on Wheel of Fortune on a January 25th episode!
Sinclair Wu Wheel of Fortune
Sinclair Wu, Co-Founder and CFO of RightOn Education on Wheel of Fortune

Raising Money

  • Opal HTM received a $50,000 investment from the Abell Foundation as part of the AccelerateBaltimore cohort, while Ceptur Therapeutics (formerly SilaGene Inc., a QED finalist) raised $75 million.

Partnering Up

  • UE LifeSciences and Siemens Healthineers are joining forces to launch the iBreastExam in the U.S.
  • Verif-y gained a strategic partnership and investment from Wellfield for their KYC & AML platform.

Wins and Awards

  • UE LifeSciences received the Global Women’s HealthTech Award from The World Bank, IFC - International Finance Corporation and Consumer Technology Association, and Pippy Sips took home first place at the ENRICH USA Post CES Summit for their portable breast milk storing and cooling system.
  • Vitals Hub manufacturer, Stel Life was named one of the AVIA Connect’s top 50 remote monitoring companies.

Expanding and Growing

  • Pera Labs, a groundbreaker in AI-based technology for fertility treatment has announced they will be opening a research and development center in Malta.
  • Look out for job openings from these portfolio companies currently hiring: Pulse Infoframe, Avkin and ROAR for Good.

Getting Noticed

SOLUtionMedical-Julia Anthony_Times Square
SOLUtion Medical, CEO and President, Julia Anthony was posted on the NASDAQ Board in Time Square for International Women’s Day

What else is going on…
  • AI-based women's wellness care coordinator, Kiira Health launched the second season of their podcast, Kick it with Kiira!
  • Maternity Mental Health platform, Vital Start Health was selected to be a part of Plug and Play Insurtech’s Silicon Valley Health Batch 14 Program.
  • Pippy Sips is no longer patent pending! The patent for their Maia technology has officially been issued.
PippySips tweet
Pippy Sips tweet with Maia device assembly