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QED Awardees

Finalists and Awardees

Each year we select 12 researchers from a pool of dozens who apply to the QED Program. Those finalists work alongside seasoned business advisors to develop a proof-of-concept plan - or a roadmap to commercialization. We then select three awardees from each cohort to receive grants of up to $200,000 each.

2020 Finalists & Awardees

UNIVERSITY OF Pennsylvania

Scott Bartlett

Electromagnetic Needle-free Injector

UNIVERSITY of Delaware

Anuraag Boddupalli

Collagen-mimetic peptide and gene-modified collagens for improved chronic wound healing

rowan university

Nidhal Bouaynaya

Predictive artificial intelligence software for radiation oncology

Rutgers, The UNIVERSITY of New Jersey

Dongfang Liu

Immunotherapy treatment for solid tumors


Jeffery Neighbors

A novel therapeutic to enhance immunotherapy for cancer

Pennsylvania State University

Patricia McLaughlin

Toxicology studies of a novel wound healing therapeutic


Iman Noshadi

Injectable adhesive for cornea repair


Santiago Orrego

Implantable biomaterials with anti-infective and hard tissue regeneration properties

princeton University

Alexander Ploss

Novel therapeutics for the treatment of hepatitis virus infections


Elias Rizk

A novel device for the treatment of fluid buildup in the brain


Rouzbeh Tehrani

Hemodialyzer for faster treatment of kidney disease dialysis


Ping Wang

Rapid and ultrasensitive SARS-CoV-2 antigen detection for infection screening by non-professional users

2019 Finalists & Awardees

University of Pennsylvania

Haim Bau

Enrichment assay for mutant alleles using DNA-guided cleaving enzymes

University of Delaware

Emily Day

Megakaryocyte membrane-wrapped nanoparticles for targeted delivery of siRNA cargo to hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

University of Pennsylvania

Matt Gillespie

Onocor Surgical Snare Retrieval Device

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Ian Henrich

Targeted USP6 in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA as a novel therapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

University of Delaware

Matthew Hudson

Therapeutic platform utilizing drug delivery capabilities of extracellular vesicles

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Misun Hwang

Automated Detection of Brain Injury and Neurodevelopment on Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Eon Soo Lee

Low Cost Point-of-Care Micro Biochip for Simple, Fast and Accurate Blood Tests with On-Chip Self-Separation

University of Delaware

X. Lucas Lu

Device for the Capture of Circulating Tumor Cells

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Charles Roth

GRAPLON Aerosolized Nanomedicines for Treating Cystic Fibrosis Lung Infections

Harrisburg University of Science & Technology

Frederick Silver

The “Virtual Biopsy” of Skin Cancers Using Vibrational Optical Coherence Tomography (VOCT)

2018 Finalists & Awardees

University of Delaware

Ahad Behboodi

Device for improving foot and ankle movement

University of Pennsylvania

Jacob Brenner

Device to ameliorate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

University of Delaware

X. Lucas Lu

Device for the capture of circulating tumor cells

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

John Maris

Gene therapy for brain cancer

Penn State College of Medicine

Patricia McLaughlin

Novel treatment for wound healing

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Peter Nguyen

Therapeutic for neovascular disease

Temple University

Oscar Perez

Tool for cell lines for drug discovery

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Qinyin Qiu

Tool for post-stroke rehabilitation

Temple University

Servio Ramirez

Diagnostic for traumatic brain injury

Harrisburg University of Science & Technology

Roozbeh Sadeghian

Diagnostic tool for dementia

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Frederick Silver

Novel imaging of skin lesions

Thomas Jefferson University

Eric Wickstrom

Therapeutic for breast cancer

2017 Finalists & Awardees

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Treena Arinzeh, Ph.D.

Reducing recovery time and cost associated with bone grafting procedures.

University of Pennsylvania

Leslie Dutton, Ph.D.

Artificial Blood for Trauma Care

Temple University

Jean-Pierre Issa, M.D.

Discovery of a series of new compounds that help rewire gene expression patterns and reverse the invasive potential of cancerous cells.

Temple University

Peter Lelkes, Ph.D.

Portable Spinner of Aqueous Soy Solutions for Wound Healing Applications

Penn State College of Medicine

Patricia McLaughlin, M.S., D.Ed

Novel Treatment for Diabetic Wound Healing

Rutgers University

Prabhas Moghe, Ph.D.

Optical Surveillance for Disease Tracking: "Ink and Scan" Infrared Nanotechnology

The Wistar Institute

Maureen Murphy, Ph.D.

Advancing new treatments for therapy-resistant melanoma by focusing on the mitochondria essential to the growth of cancer cells.

Penn State College of Medicine

Elias Rizk, M.D.

Development of a Subarachnoid to Sagittal Sinus CSF Drainage System

Rutgers University

Charles Roth, Ph.D.

Graplon "Smart" Polyelectrolyle Nanomedicines for Cystic Fibrosis

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Eon Soo Lee, Ph.D.

Innovative Point of Care Micro Biochip for Early Stage Disease Diagnostics

Thomas Jefferson University

Paul Stauffer, MSEE, CCE

Tumor Bed Implant for Dual-Modality Heat and Radiation Treatment of At-Risk Tissue Surrounding a Resection Cavity

2016 Finalists & Awardees

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Michel Bilello, M.D., Ph.D.

Computer-Aided Detection for the Assessment of Multiple Sclerosis on Brain MRI

Childrens’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Monte Mills, M.D.

Vifant OKN Vision Acuity Test App

Rutgers, The State University of New jersey

Yicheng Lu, Ph.D.

Magnesium zinc oxide based thin film transistor biosensor (MZO-bioTFT) for biochemical diagnostics with high sensitivity and selectivity

Pennsylvania State University

Yanming Wang, Ph.D.

Targeting PAD4 for cancers and autoimmune disorders

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Marina D’Angelo, Ph.D.

Extracellular Matrix Protection Factor 2 is a novel therapeutic for treatment of several common oral health problems: Developing periodontal and restorative dentistry applications

Pennsylvania State University

Patricia McLaughlin, D.Ed.

Novel Therapy for Dry Eye

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

David Cormode, Ph.D.

Revolutionizing cancer treatment options with a biodegradable gold nanoparticle-based technology that increases radiation absorption in tumors, creating improved therapeutic efficacy in cancer.

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Alexei Tulin, M.S, Ph.D.

Targeting Histone-dependent PARP-1 Activation: a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer

Pennsylvania State University

Charles Palmer, M.D.

Transforming neonatal care though a noninvasive assisted breathing device for pre-term infants with respiratory distress that uses negative pressure to prevent chest wall collapse.

Pennsylvania State University

Guodong Liu, M.S., Ph.D.

A medical profile based framework of assessing children on the risks of Autism Spectrum Disorder during early childhood

Rowan University

Mohammad Abedin-Nasab, M.S., Ph.D.

Improving patient outcomes with Robossis™, a robotic surgery device designed to assist surgeons with pre-operative planning and alignment of long bone fractures, leading to faster surgeries.