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middle school track

Students explore real-life applications of science through hands-on experiments

STEM Real World 2

STEM in the Real World

"When would I ever use this in real life?”This summer program explores real-world applications of science through fun, hands-on experiments.


Course Details


Courses will be held at 3675 Market Street, 5th Floor (In-Person) in the FirstHand lab.

Student fit

This program is open to to rising 7th 8th and 9th graders, and is a great fit for those interested in science, experiments, and hands-learning in a lab setting.

Student projects

Interested in being a FirstHand Mentor?

Inspire the next generation of STEM professionals by serving as a mentor to our FirstHand students. Our mentors are scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers, but we welcome mentors with all types of backgrounds and skill sets.

Find out how
A female graphic designer instructs a teenage boy and girl with their designs on their laptops