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Biotechnology Sprint

A crash course in techniques used in biotech

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Biotechnology Sprint

During this two-week intensive, students will learn alongside scientists from six Philadelphia companies, and practice labs skills including lab safety, microscopy, cell engineering and discuss topics like bioethics, vaccines and science in the news.


Sprint Details

program location

Courses will be held at 3675 Market Street, 5th Floor (In-Person) in the FirstHand lab.

Student fit

This program is for any student interested in exploring careers in science or medicine, enjoys discussing interesting topics in groups, and wants to see inside real-life biotech labs. Students in 10th-12th grade Philadelphia is eligible to apply.

Skills & Topics

Lab safety, microscopy, cell engineering and discuss topics like bioethics, vaccines, and science in the news.

Mentor fit

This program is a great fit for any professional who works in the biotech industry. We want to include the variety of professions represented in the industry, not just bench scientists.

Upon full participation and completion of the program students will receive a $600 stipend.

  • 12 students will be selected
  • All applicants will be notified by May 15th

Paid internship opportunities will be available in July based on interest.

Curriculum Collaborators

Student projects

About FirstHand Sprints

FirstHand Sprints are collaborations between industry mentors and FirstHand.

Each curriculum is co-designed and co-delivered by the mentors and the FirstHand team to reflect the skills and topics of the emerging industry while centering the needs of Philadelphia students. Sprints range from 16-36 hours of instruction time, occurring outside of regular school hours.

how to participate:
  • Students are selected through an application process
  • Open to all Philadelphia high school students
Why you should participate:
  • Sprints are FREE and participating students will earn a stipend!
  • Sprints offer an opportunity for high school students to connect with credentials and internships.

More details

Interested in being a FirstHand Mentor?

Inspire the next generation of STEM professionals by serving as a mentor to our FirstHand students. Our mentors are scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers, but we welcome mentors with all types of backgrounds and skill sets.

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