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Quorum just had its first IRL event in 15 months. Here’s how the staff decided it was time


This month, we’ve seen the beginning of the slow return of in-person events as COVID-19 case numbers trend downward and more eligible city dwellers get vaccinated.

One of the tech community’s most regular events, Venture Cafe, a weekly gathering at Quorum in the University City Science Center, was one to hedge back into in-person gatherings recently. Last Thursday, Quorum welcomed back visitors for an evening of programing, and guests had the option of attending virtually or in person. It’s the model of hybrid events we except many orgs may adopt in weeks and months to come.

Lynette Moore, the director of Quorum who’s been with the Science Center for five years, told her team had kept their eyes on local case numbers and regulations closely for a few weeks before making the call.

They specifically looked to CDC recommendations and the City of Philadelphia’s lift of the “safer at home” restrictions on June 2. Moore said she’s also been closely watching what other event venues and organizations have been doing, and has had chats with the nearby hotel, The Study, for similar size comparison.

“The trend has been that numbers have been declining steadily the last few weeks, but we’re also in a position that if they climb again, we’ll do more social distancing and other practices,” Moore said.

When it comes to attending in-person events again, Moore said she thinks there’s two camps of people: those who are rearing to get back to normal and those who may have been working from home for 15 months and are still wondering, “Is it safe to go out?” The hybrid model offers both a way to participate, she said.

And as Moore hopes — and believes — they’ll see more people attending the events in person in the coming weeks and months, she recognizes that the virtual event space will be around for a long time. It’s offered them the chance to operate safely throughout the pandemic, invite guests and speakers from around the world and provide some accessibility for folks to attend without having to make it to University City.

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