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Venture Café

Marian's Bookshop Launch: Partnerships for a Powerful Platform

Thursday, Sep 08, 2022 | 5:30 PM-6:15 PM

Join us to launch Marian’s Bookshop and uplift the legacy of Marian Anderson. This session will celebrate Marian Anderson and how a historic legacy can help us to create partnerships with today’s leaders that amplifies impact.

For one week only, shop at Marian’s Bookshop, a popup experience curated by Harriet’s Bookshop at the Science Center that amplifies the restoration effort of the Marian Anderson Museum. (learn more about this limited-time experience below)

This experimental idea asks what happens when three organizations, the Marian Anderson Museum, Harriet’s Bookshop, and the Science Center create a win/win/win in honor of the great women whose shoulders we stand on.

Shop at “Marian’s Bookshop,” a one-week only pop-up experience at the Science Center

Join us in uplifting the legacy of Marian Anderson through this limited-time pop-up bookshop experience curated by Harriet’s Bookshop at the Science Center. Find your next read from a selection of titles inspired by Marian Anderson and her legacy, pick up your copy of the next Venture Café Philadelphia’s book club title (stay tuned), and discover the special selection of mech.

A portion of the proceeds will support the restoration Marian Anderson Museum.

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