Art at uCity Square



STEAM is alive and well in uCity Square! Visitors may be surprised to learn that in addition to the Science Center’s natural affinity for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, there’s plenty of art throughout uCity Square. It all began back in 1975, when the Science Center held a public forum on Art and Science. Since then, the Science Center has opened an art gallery, installed a number of permanent public art pieces and established rotating exhibits throughout uCity Square.



Through the Percent for Art Program, the Science Center works with the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) Percent For Art Program to commission innovative works of public art around uCity Square, as well as community-based public art programming. Some of our most recent projects include:

Light Matrix

by Leo Villareal, 2015

3601 Market Street


Light Matrix at 3601 Market Street activates the building's marquee canopy with an array of 3600 white LEDs. Sequenced with the artist’s custom software, this installation brings art to the street level, engages the public and creates a strong identity for the property. Villareal’s art fuses light, art and technology in a way that is uniquely appropriate for its context within uCity Square.

Light Matrix by Leo Villareal


by United Visual Artists, 2014

3737 Market Street Lobby


Blueprint features a series of two aluminum light sculptures that reference analogies between DNA and computer code. The series embraces the relationship and parallels between art and science, creating compositions through the mathematical principles of logic that underpin life. As the work slowly changes over time, patterns fluctuate between varying degrees of complexity. Blueprint uses the basic concepts of evolution to create an ever-transitioning image. With cells literally transferring their genes to their adjoining others, color flows like paint across the canvas.

Blueprint by United Visual Artists

Generative Luminance

by Soo Sunny Park, 2014

3737 Market Street Atrium


Generative Luminance is composed of over 17,000 squares of diachroic glass attached, by hand, to stainless steel mesh. The glass and mesh have hard edges but still come together to make a form that is at once cloudlike, biomorphic and crystalline.  Close up, viewers can see the components of the structure, while from far away they can only see the large-scale form, and wonder, like scientists, at how it depends on some underlying structure.

Generative Luminance by Soo Sunny Park, 2014
Generative Luminance by Soo Sunny Park; Halkin Mason Photography

Artworks funded by the Percent for Art program can also be found at the entrance to Innovation Plaza, above the entrance to 3600 Market Street, in front of 3624 Market Street, and outside the Monell Chemical Senses Center at 3500 Market Street.


Click here to learn more about the PRA Percent for Art Program.

3711 lobby art


In addition to the permanent artwork that dots uCity Square, rotating exhibitions of thought-provoking contemporary art by local artists can be found in the ground floor lobby of 3711 Market Street.


By Jason Lee Starin


Lorem Ipsum is mostly gibberish, a filler text of garbling Latin that makes no real sense. The first word, “Lorem,” isn't even a word; instead it's a piece of the word “dolorem,” meaning pain, suffering, or sorrow. The phrase is taken from text that reads, "Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit ...," which translates as, "There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain..."

We have elected a material hierarchy, placing commercial value over inherent beauty and holistic connectedness. Like a time line, we can make a linear account of our choices in the form of things. Looking backwards, we see the values of our youth. Moving forwards, we see our values ultimately homogenizing, amounting to nothing but a meaningless concept lacking in material knowledge. Surrounded in esoteric language, we construct altars of our transgressions.

"And watching lovers part, I feel you smiling
What glass splinters lie so deep in your mind
To tear out from your eyes, with a thought to stiffen brooding lies
And I'll only watch you leave me further behind

And the sun drips down bedding heavy behind
The front of your dress, all shadowy lined
And the droning engine throbs in time
With your beating heart"
(Duran Duran - The Chauffeur 1982)

JASON LEE STARIN received his MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft in Applied Craft and Design in 2011, and his BFA in Ceramics from Grand Valley State University in 1999. Originally from Michigan, he currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. where he is the Ceramic Shop Supervisor for The University of the Arts as well as a Resident Artist at The Clay Studio.

Previous artists who have displayed work at the 3711 Gallery include:



Located at 3600 Market Street, the Esther Klein Gallery uses the creative arts as a platform to explore relationships between art, science and technology.