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3675 Market Street FAQs

There’s a lot happening at 3675. That’s great news for all of us, but there are many partners, people, spaces and missions that can be difficult to keep straight. Here’s a guide to untangling the web.

3675 Market Stats:

Who’s in the building?

A bunch of us! 3675 is home to the Science Center, CIC Philadelphia, Wexford Science + Technology, Amicus Therapeutics, Century Therapeutics, Carsima Therapetics, Drexel CCI…. and many more.

Can I call it the Science Center building?

Nope, it’s 3675 Market.

How about the CIC Building?

Not that either. We call it 3675 Market.

Who owns the building?

3675 was developed by the Science Center, Wexford Science + Technology, and Ventas. The three entities are the driving force behind uCity Square. The building is managed by the Science Center and Wexford.

What’s uCity Square?

In 2015 we entered into a joint partnership with Wexford and Ventas to develop the former University City High School site. That site, combined with our “legacy campus” along Market Street, was rebranded as uCity Square. uCity square has 17 buildings, 4M square feet of office, lab, retail and residential (with more to come!). 3675 Market is located within uCity Square.

So are you part of Penn?

No. The Science Center is a 501(c)3 organization that’s independently operated.

Is the Science Center part of Drexel?

See above.

So what does the Science Center do that’s different from CIC?

The Science Center offers a suite of commercialization, convening and talent cultivation programs designed to help bright ideas grow into thriving businesses while nurturing a workforce that supports our 21st-century economy. That manifests in a number of ways from our Capital Readiness Program, to Venture Café Philadelphia, FirstHand and much, much more.

So you don’t have space for startups?

At 3675 Market Street, CIC Philadelphia has state-of-the-art collaborative workspace across six floors. They have private and shared lab space and offices, conference rooms, fully-stocked kitchens, and flexible 30-day terms.

How do CIC and the Science Center work together?

Often and well.

CIC doesn't just share a roof with us. And they didn’t just swoop in and open up shop. We had many meetings, logged many hours on flights between Philly and Boston and spent a lot of time thinking about how we’d more than coexist, but offer distinct and complementary resources to the startup community.

Many of the companies we support through our commercialization programs take space at CIC and often CIC will refer early-stage companies to our ic@3401 incubator. CIC clients serve as mentors for our FirstHand STEM education and Building an Understanding of Lab Basics (BULB) workforce training initiatives. We do joint programming together. We make referrals to each other all the time. We meet regularly to discuss how we can work together to be a mega-resource for the startup community.

What about ic@3401?

Great question! The Science Center, in partnership with Drexel University, operates a collaborative workspace at 3401 Market Street called ic@3401. The space is home to 30+ early-stage tech companies. The Science Center’s Digital Health Accelerator and Drexel Ventures operate out of ic@3401.

Do ic@3401 and CIC compete for companies?

They’re complementary. More often than not, those entering ic@3401 are research, ideas, prototypes and pre-revenue companies that are earlier stage than those entering CIC. Several ic@3401 members have graduated and moved on to CIC. At uCity Square, we can accommodate everything from a one-person company in need of a desk to an enterprise business looking for a dedicated or build-to-use building – and everything in between.

What about Venture Café?

Venture Café Philadelphia is operated by the Science Center. We have a team of people on staff dedicated to its programming.

Venture Café exists in several other markets globally. It all began at CIC Cambridge 10+ years ago and established as a non-profit now known as Venture Cafe Global Institute.

Why does the Science Center oversee Venture Café Philadelphia? CIC and the Science Center felt that given our roots in the region and experience with programming, it made sense for us to manage the program.

All that said, CIC is an active partner, contributor and an essential part of the programming.

But doesn’t Venture Café take place in the CIC space?

Yes. We like to keep people on their toes. Venture Café, while operated by the Science Center, is based out of CIC. This frees up Quorum for other Thursday events and allows us to expand Venture Café into Quorum when we know it’s going to be a big night.

What about Quorum?

Quorum is a space to convene. At 3675 Market Street, it covers 15,000 sq ft across the first and second floors. On the first floor, adjacent to the lobby, is the Quorum Lounge which is free and open to all. The second floor has six distinct conference rooms and breakout spaces for meetings, events, and gatherings.

That’s a lot to keep straight.

It takes a village.