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We work with middle and high school students to cultivate a curiosity in and a passion for STEM.

A woman with a black shirt instructs a teenage boy wearing a lab coat with a STEM project

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STEM Education

Our goal is to inspire a passion for science, technology, engineering and math through hands-on, project-based learning.

Career Training & Exposure

Our curricula is industry-informed with a heavy emphasis on mentorship from a variety of STEM professionals.

We used things we’ve never used before. We’ve used pipettes before, but they were the plastic ones. Getting to use this one is really cool, and I like how you can adjust the microliters. I like how you can use dye as an example as a sort of DNA to practice which I thought was fun. And the relationship to King Tut because interesting facts are always good.

Noal Lewis, 7th Grade student at SLAMS

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A teenage boy and girl working together on a laptop as they collaborate on a STEM project