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Data Analytics Sprint

Introduces Philadelphia youth to the world of data science

FirstHand lab

Philly Data Miners

Introduces students to the world of data science by analyzing Philly-centric data sets to reveal the story behind the numbers.

Curriculum Collaborator

PECO, CHOP, The University of Texas at El Paso, College of Education

Skills & Topics

Making decisions and communicating ideas using data, data bias, using Microsoft Excel and databases, organizing, and collecting, data visualization, correlations, open API’s.

Careers highlighted

Data Scientist, Data Analyst

Student fit

This program is a great fit for any student who is curious how to answer big questions using evidence or wants to know how to use data (numbers) to explore the world around them.

Mentor fit

This program is a great fit for any professional who has worked in the Data Science, Data Analytics, and/or Computer Science fields.


Student projects