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December 18, 2019 | Science Center In The News

Life Sciences industry group targeting poverty expands into Philadelphia

The organization pairs life sciences industry workers with nonprofits combatting poverty.

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December 17, 2019 | Science Center In The News

'Out of the picture too soon': Painter Bill Scott finds the soul of Philadelphia in his late friend Edit Neff's art

She was born in Philadelphia, raised in the city (near 26th and Parrish Streets), studied at the Philadelphia College of Art, taught at PCA and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and, most of all, painted right in the city.

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December 16, 2019 | Science Center In The News

Painting Life in Philly

Step into Edith Neff’s world through images she made of family, friends, and her hometown in Our Town: A Retrospective of Edith Neff. The Philadelphia artist’s large oil canvases transform three Woodmere Art Museum galleries into a life-size photo album.

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December 12, 2019 | Science Center In The News

How to Make Your City a Startup Hub? You'll Need to Befriend 25 Founders, 8 Investors, and 10 Experts First

The University City Science Center, a 55-year-old urban research park at the heart of what is now uCity Square in Philadelphia, nurtures many of the district's most promising life-science and technology companies.

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December 9, 2019 | Science Center In The News

Science Center is launching a telecoms education program for teens in 2020

University City Science Center announced that in the new year, the nonprofit will be partnering with Houston-based communications infrastructure company Crown Castle on a telecommunications education program for high schoolers.

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November 26, 2019 | Science Center In The News

Inside University City's push to get those without four-year degrees into STEM careers

Philadelphia continues to add more jobs to its STEM workforce, and its reputation as a region where life sciences can flourish persists.

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November 13, 2019 | Science Center In The News

How a small Philadelphia gene therapy company became part of a $3B deal

The company is developing two gene therapies to treat, and potentially cure, cystic fibrosis.

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November 13, 2019 | Science Center In The News

Philly Global Startup Accelerator Opens Enrollment for New Cohort

The program supports companies seeking to improve a civil service or the health of a population through technology with an eye on global expansion.

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November 7, 2019 | Science Center In The News

Science Center President & CEO, Steve Zarrilli named to Philadelphia Business Journal's "Power 100"

The final installment of our Power 100 list for 2019.

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November 5, 2019 | Science Center In The News

Esther Klein Gallery Presents Conformations- The Art of Science

University City Science Center’s Esther Klein Gallery boasts gleaming white walls and an abundance of natural light streaming in from the glass-paned entrance. Less than 10 strides separate the center of the exhibit area from the bright bustle of uCity Square and Market Street. Yet within a few minutes of entering the wide, open space, a hush falls that drops a veil between the viewers and the outside world—an apt transformation for Laura Splan’s Conformations series, now on view.

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