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April 18, 2019 | Flying Slippers Blog

Beyond Microscopes and Test Tubes

John McCann, a research associate with CHOP’s Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine and a member of the iSTEM team at CHOP, volunteered by partnering with the Science Center’s FirstHand program to get the students thinking early on about their own career development. CHOP, a supporter of FirstHand through the Science Center’s Ignite Innovation campaign, shares FirstHand’s goal of providing the West Philadelphia community with STEM training and career exposure during the formative middle school and high school years.

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April 4, 2019 | Flying Slippers Blog

In Search of Meaning: A Recap

A synthesis of painting, printmaking and photography, Patricia Moss Vreeland’s digital prints embrace a collage modality. The layered imagery – often incorporating natural scenes and patterned mark-making – offers a sensory palimpsest, recalling the aestheticized dissonance of late Rauschenberg prints.

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March 21, 2019 | Flying Slippers Blog

Philadelphia Amplified: A Recap of our Time at SXSW

SXSW is an exercise in endurance, an education on the future, and for those of us from Philadelphia, a pep rally for the people who make our city tick.

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March 7, 2019 | Flying Slippers Blog

What do Kendrick Lamar, King Tut and Thermo Fisher have in common?

Earlier this week, 7th graders from the Science and Leadership Academy Middle School (SLAMS) in West Philadelphia, experienced a “home-coming” of sorts when they reunited with the Science Center’s FirstHand program; but this time in its new home at 3675 Market. Last year, the students participated in Polymer Play at FirstHand’s previous 3624 Market location.

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February 21, 2019 | Flying Slippers Blog

Humans of the Science Center: Jen Rajchel

Every Thursday, Venture Cafe Philadelphia offers fresh, relevant and useful programming for the Philly Innovation scene; but ever wondered who's behind the scenes making sure it all comes together, week after week? Meet Jen Rajchel, the Science Center's new Program Manager and Experience Designer for Venture Café. Jen has an eye for creating gatherings that spark connections, foster community and fuel curiosity.

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February 14, 2019 | Flying Slippers Blog

What if love could spread like a virus?

In a collaboration with research scientists specialized in antibody discovery, artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg has created a custom retrovirus which infects its host with a gene that increases the production of oxytocin.

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February 7, 2019 | Flying Slippers Blog


Sometimes academic research can be purely … academic. That’s where the University City Science Center’s QED proof-of-concept program comes in, propelling promising research from university labs into the healthcare and life sciences marketplace.

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January 31, 2019 | Flying Slippers Blog

Art and Well-Being @ Esther Klein

Portals is a group exhibition of five women connected through their research into art, psychology and health. Working primarily as educators and art therapists, the collected artists employ mixed-media to expose concepts related to their clinical study and personal introspection. They are united in the belief that the process of art-making can become a vehicle for well-being.

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January 24, 2019 | Flying Slippers Blog

KIZ Tax Credits: The Great Equalizer

Philadelphia might get a bad rap for being unfriendly to businesses -- but try telling that to the 100+ Old City, Center City and University City-based companies that have benefited from over $15 million in Keystone Innovation Zone Tax Credits.

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January 10, 2019 | Flying Slippers Blog

Fueling the STEM Talent Pipeline

The Science Center’s nationally recognized FirstHand program kicked off the new year last week with new digs, new philanthropic funding and four spirited project pitches by 10th graders at Paul Robeson High School in West Philadelphia.

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