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What We Learned at Philly Tech Week’s Cell and Gene Therapy Night

From Philadelphia Magazine

Last week, the 11th annual Philly Tech Week took place — a series that showcases innovative technologies emerging throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. The tech fest, which is presented by Comcast, dedicated an entire evening to the city’s rapidly-growing cell and gene therapy sector, highlighting the ways in which the industry is impacting and will continue to impact job creation, education, and life sciences advancement.

We tuned into two of the virtual cell and gene therapy sessions — “Why Philly? Why Now?” and “Job Creation and Inclusion in Cell and Gene Therapy” — to see what the experts have to say about why Philadelphia has become such a hub for cell and gene therapy and how the industry can be more inclusive, diverse, and equitable. Below, a look at what we learned.

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Kristen Fitch

Kristen Fitch

Senior Director, Marketing