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Tiffany Wilson Named Among the Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs Of 2021

From The Healthcare Technology Report

The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce the Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs of 2021. This year’s awardees represent some of the most accomplished executives in healthcare technology. Their leadership has been critical in developing industry leading medical devices, next generation software platforms, cutting-edge drugs and therapeutics, and advanced diagnostics, among other technologies. Notably, in addition to overseeing their companies’ efforts from the C-suite, many of these leaders were also founders or co-founders of their organizations, recognizing unique opportunities for transformation and growth within their areas of expertise.

From inventing novel orthopedic and mobility devices, to spearheading platforms to strengthen the patient/provider connection, and to developing new blood tests to diagnose diseases, these awardees have made significant contributions to society at large. They come from varied backgrounds in medicine, research, biotechnology, business, and finance, leveraging unique insights to provide their companies with the agility and ingenuity needed to thrive. While highly involved and instrumental to the continued success of their companies, they have also remained dedicated to advancing their particular fields, with many participating in prestigious research institutions and trade groups that are collaborating to develop more effective solutions for patients across the globe. Please join us in honoring The Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs of 2021.


31. Tiffany Wilson
Company: University City Science Center
Title: President and Chief Executive Officer

Tiffany Wilson, a longtime leader in the fields of business strategy and medical technology, currently holds the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the University City Science Center in Philadelphia. With more than two decades of experience in bringing advances in medical technology to the worlds of business and education, Wilson is at the forefront of building Science Center into a regional center of innovation and education. Science Center currently manages more than a dozen programs to foster equity and access within STEM fields while fostering the latest advances in the worlds of medicine and medical technology.

As Wilson’s current post reflects, her career has been built on varied experiences at the intersection of science and business. Wilson has also contributed her expertise to the boards of numerous science and medicine related organizations, including Southeast Life Sciences, Georgia Bio, Sanara Ventures, and the United States Department of Commerce’s National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Wilson received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in international business from Loyola University and her Master of Business Administration degree from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.


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