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This new program is helping Israeli startups break into the American healthcare market

In the world of digital medicine, entrepreneurs and companies are working to develop a response to global needs, and usually target the American market due to the great business potential it has. But breaking into the American market with an Israeli product is a task that requires a lot of preparation and knowledge. The American healthcare market has unique conduct, regulation, language and needs that should be further assimilated in the early development stages of your product. In other words, this is an important and complex move that is difficult to do, even for the most experienced professionals and entrepreneurs in the field.

If your startup is at the beginning of its journey and is focusing on digital and computational health solutions, or you are an experienced entrepreneur who is working in the fields of health based on artificial intelligence, computing, or big data – we have good news for you. A new program called "RISE with US" is designed to shorten your path to the American healthcare market and will help validate and fit it to its unique needs.

Developing a response to medical challenges through global cooperation

The Assuta hospital network aims to lead in quality medical care by using innovative medical technologies and establishing ground-breaking medical services. That is why it sees great importance in collaborations with entrepreneurs and startups that develop technological solutions for the advancement of medicine. Adapting to the needs of global markets is a condition for the success of entrepreneurs and companies, therefore RISE, Assuta's innovation arm, initiated the program in collaboration with the University City Science Center in Philadelphia.

AWS and NVIDIA, the venture capital fund LionBird, and Reinhold Cohn and Naomi Asia & Co law firms are also partners in the program, which will provide the participants with access to an extensive network of contacts in Israel and the U.S. along with rich knowledge said partners have gained while working in the field.

The program will be launched in November 2022 and will last four weeks, during which the participants will receive guidance on the health market, with an emphasis on the U.S., feedback regarding the fittingness of their product for the market from clinical, business, and technological experts, and will also hold meetings with investors and potential partners in Israel and the U.S.

The topics on which the participants will receive guidance include commercialization and implementation of solutions in the health system, rules for compliance with various regulations, building solutions in a manner suitable for wide implementation, and more.

In addition, the participants will receive access to Assuta medical centers and tailored clinical accompaniment from leading doctors. Moreover, participants will also get access to the extensive network of connections of University City Science Center, which has 50 years of experience in implementing technologies overseas. They will have direct access to hospitals, the Angel Capital Association (U.S), insurers and leading academic centers in the Philadelphia area (Pennsylvania State, Princeton and more).

The program will take place in Assuta in a hybrid way that will combine virtual and face-to-face meetings for 3 consecutive intense weeks. The culmination of the program will be during this final week, which will take place in the United States, during which the companies will gain a personal introduction to the local market.

Registration for participation in the program is open until August 28, 2022. Applications for participation in the program will be reviewed by the partner organizations in the program and by experienced entrepreneurs and leading companies in the health industry. Sound like a fit for you? Apply here!

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Kristen Fitch

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