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The One Health Company Teams with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to Advance Sarcoma Treatment for Dogs and Humans

PHILADELPHIA, May 17, 2017 — The One Health Company is pleased to announce a new relationship with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to evaluate a therapy that potentially could be used to treat cancer in both dogs and humans.

The therapy will be evaluated in a clinical study of dogs with hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer very similar to angiosarcoma, which afflicts humans. The chemotherapeutic medication being used in the canine study is an Investigational Agent that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of certain human patients with a subtype of soft tissue sarcoma.

Humans and dogs co-evolved, now often co-habitate and can be afflicted with similar diseases, including many types of cancer. But cancer is 10 times more common in dogs than in humans, with 6 million yearly diagnoses making it the leading cause of canine death. In the U.S., there are currently only seven approved medications to treat cancer in dogs and none specifically approved to treat hemangiosarcoma.

“At The One Health Company, our goal is to accelerate the development of successful treatments to save both animal and human lives,” said Benjamin Lewis, co-founder of the One Health Company. “The FDA requires that many drugs, biologics and medical devices be tested on animals. Rather than use lab animals, we recruit sick pets to participate in clinical trials that give them access to free cutting-edge treatments and help researchers develop more effective therapies in human oncology.”

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine leads the world in breakthrough research and provides unparalleled care for human patients. It also operates the Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy (CIGAT), an internationally recognized advanced diagnostic imaging facility designed specifically for the veterinary patient and the site of our clinical study.

Pet parents of dogs suffering from hemangiosarcoma who would like them to participate in our clinical trial can find enrollment information on The One Health Company’s and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s websites, as follows:

About the One Health Company
The One Health Company was founded in 2016 by CEO Christina Lopes and COO Benjamin Lewis under the principles of One Health, a global initiative designed to unite medical professionals from all disciplines. The company recruits pets suffering from cancer for advanced treatment and research, enabling them to benefit from the best therapies and follow-up care at no cost to their owners. In its first year, The One Health Company already has built a trial site network of 109 veterinary hospitals and a patient network of 1.8 million pets. For more information, visit

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