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Submissions open for mobile art exhibits

A local organization dedicated to the intersection of technology and arts is hosting an open call for submissions.

But it may surprise you to learn that your work—if chosen—won’t be geared for display in a gallery.

Instead, the host, Breadboard, a venture sponsored by the University City Science Center, plans to share the works through several mobile interfaces.

It’s virtual public art exhibit, which we covered in October, is opening for new submissions. Folks can submit 3D Layar files that are geographically mapped. When a user comes across a piece in the city, they’re able to view the work using the free Layer app for iPhone and Android devices.

Second, a new program being put together by Breadboard with partner Center for Mobilities Research and Policy, DIS•LOCATIONS, questions our mobile life and our social connection to it using under-used store fronts in a familiar area of the city: along Market and Chestnut between 8th and 12th streets. Folks will be able to interact with video installations and window overhauls at by scanning mobile QR codes to download additional artistic content. We dig it.

Deadlines begin the second week of February. Virtual Art submissions are capped on the 12th, while DIS•LOCATIONS submissions will be taken until the 14th.

We could take it upon ourselves to enter, but it would just be embarrassing.

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