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Pitch Perfect: Startup and Leadership Lessons with John Younger, MD

July 3, 2020  |  When Science Speaks Podcast

In this episode of the podcast, When Science Speaks, John Younger, MD, Vice President for Science and Technology at Science Center shares his expert perspectives as a physician-scientist and biotech entrepreneur. Drawing upon his unique blend of skills and experience, John discusses:


  • The main ingredients of a winning pitch from startups to potential investors
  • Typical moments during pitch meetings that trigger “go or no-go” moments
  • Whether poor communication can kill an otherwise fundable project or, alternatively, can strong communication save an otherwise flawed project
  • Scientists are often told they need to be better storytellers – and entrepreneurs may be advised to do the same to humanize their pitch. Is this always good advice?
  • How scientists should convey information to investors – both before and after they get funding – to accurately provide realistic status updates without freaking out their often non-scientist funders
  • Are there certain qualities or practices that have helped him  successfully make transitions in his career journey
  • Attributes that make him effective in his current role
  • What it was like to testify before Congress earlier this year on entrepreneurship
  • Professional advice he would give to his “younger Younger” self