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Pippy Sips Launches MAIA™, The Portable, Easy-To-Use System For Storing, Cooling, and Monitoring Breastmilk

From Yahoo Finance

PHILADELPHIA, PA, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pippy Sips, the maternal products innovator founded by Amberlee Venti, announced today that it has launched its flagship and patented product Maia™ — the portable system that stores, cools and monitors breastmilk while mom is on-the-go. The launch of Maia™ and its mission of “making breastmilk even cooler™” comes after years of research and development, numerous prototypes, pandemic-related supply chain and production delays, and testing by and feedback from real, new moms across the U.S. Maia™ is now available for purchase through the Pippy Sips website.

“Some say pumping (breastmilk) is the pits, but does it need to be? Maia™ by Pippy Sips is a labor of love, and I hope it gives fellow moms a freedom to connect to their work, their children and their livelihood with a more seamless experience when it comes to providing for their babies,” said Venti, who serves as Pippy Sips’s CEO. “Maia™ was worth the wait, the stress, and the occasional – who’s counting, anyway? – tears. My hope is that Maia™ helps moms in their baby-feeding journey.”

Maia™, the device, keeps up to 10 oz. of breastmilk at safe temperatures for at least 16 hours, without the use of batteries or a power cord. It’s compatible with brand-name pumps and has a built-in thermometer and LCD screen to confirm the milk’s temperature at any time. The Maia™ is sleek and beautiful by design with brushed metal on the exterior and can discreetly sit on a desk or easily carried in a purse. The product is intended to give breastfeeding and pumping moms the freedom to feel a sense of calm knowing that their pumped breastmilk will be stored at a safe temperature for hours before returning home to baby.

The Pippy Sips and The Maia™ story began back in 2016, when Venti was a breastfeeding mom who was running a walk-in mental health clinic in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. Pumping to sustain breastfeeding her newest daughter, she needed something and somewhere to put the pumped milk to then save for her daughter’s milk intake the next day at daycare. It was a lot of pumping time and effort, and to store and cool the produced milk was another challenge — no access to the clinic’s fridge to keep the milk cold, lots of awkward looks and comments from colleagues about the milk itself, and even more concern from Venti when it came to keeping the milk safely cool to bring home to baby at the end of the work day.

Venti knew there was a better way, so she invented it. She drew inspiration from her stainless steel water bottle that seemed to keep her water cool for hours, adding a component for active cooling and a temperature gauge to confirm the breastmilk was staying at the right temperature. She formed the company, surveyed hundreds of women (who echoed her pumping frustrations), contracted with engineers to help design and build Maia™, had moms test prototypes, ran two crowdfunding campaigns, joined accelerator programs, and navigated building a product during a global pandemic.

And now, the Maia™ is available for purchase at for $124.99; two for $224.99. Maia™ comes in Rose Gold and Lily Green colors.

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Kristen Fitch

Kristen Fitch

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