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Philadelphia scientific instruments developer raises $5.6M

Halo Labs, a Philadelphia life sciences instrumentation company that develops tools for biologics researchers, raised $5.6 million through a private stock sale.

The series B financing was led by Research Corporation Technologies (RCT). Additional investors in the round included BroadOak Capital Partners, BioAdvance, the BenFranklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, and industry executive Paul McEwan.

Halo Labs, which is based at University Science Center's UCity Square campus, previously operated as Optofluidics. The company plans to use the money it raised to support the commercialization of its Horizon subvisible particle analysis instrument and for the continued development of its new product pipeline.

"These funds will let us continue building momentum for the Horizon platform and keep pace with product demand as we hire and move forward into next-generation product development," said Robert Wicke, who has served as CEO of Halo Labs since August.

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Kristen Fitch

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