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NextFab Studio

Men have a primal need to create and to build, whether it's Bob Vila framing huge houses, Norm Abram developing compact furniture, or Tim "The Toolman" Taylor constructing a medium-sized cocaine operation. Providing a workshop for those without one: NextFab Studio

Catering to peeps with a desire to create but without the extra space/income for the tools they need, NextFab's a fabrication and construction studio offering members access to well-appointed facilities, including whiteboard-equipped conference rooms, tables to hammer out ideas, and work spaces stocked with every tool imaginable, not unlike Memorial Day at Seaside. A woodshop housing a slew of industrial-grade equipment (including table, compound miter, and panel saws, planers, and all manner of power tools) allows you to slap together anything from a simple bench to a mini-bar, while the metal shop offers up means (Brakes! Shears!) to shape and cut your metallic endeavors along with a MIG welder to put them back together (luckily, the data on this MIG is accurate). The shop also houses high-end equipment rarely found in any workshop, including a 3D printer that produces solid models up to 4", a laser etcher capable of cutting most materials and inscribing custom designs onto iPods, etc, and a plasma-cutting CNC router -- a super-complicated device which, much like the C&C router, is a thing that makes you go hmmm

So that's all great, but if you actually want to accomplish something, NextFab offers up classes/training on the equipment; alternately, you can farm your work out to them, something Tim Allen should've considered doing before getting sent to a place where it was always Tool Time, whether you liked it or not. Read More

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