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National Disease Research Interchange Receives College of American Pathologists Accreditation

The National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI) of Philadelphia has received accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) based on results of a recent on-site inspection as part of CAP’s Accreditation Programs. NDRI is one of more than 7,700 CAP-accredited biorepository facilities worldwide.

“NDRI is proud to have earned CAP Accreditation,” said Bill Leinweber, president and CEO of NDRI. “This accreditation is testament to the dedication and shared commitment of all of our staff to assuring that the gifts with which we are entrusted to advance biomedical research are managed with the highest scientific standards.”

The CAP Biorepository Accreditation process, a three-year accreditation cycle, includes on-site inspection, desk review, educational modules and gap assessment. The U.S. government recognizes the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program, established in the early 1960s, as being equal to or more stringent than the federal inspection program.

About NDRI

The National Disease Research Interchange is the nation’s leading source for human tissues, organs and cells for biomedical research. By serving as the liaison between donors and the research community, NDRI is uniquely positioned to support breakthrough advances and discoveries that can affect advances in the treatment and cure of human diseases. NDRI is a not-for-profit, (501c3) corporation founded in 1980, funded in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), public and private foundations and organizations, and pharmaceutical corporations.

About the College of American Pathologists

As the nation’s leading organization with more than 18,000 board-certified pathologists, the College of American Pathologists serves patients, pathologists and the public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide. The CAPs Laboratory Improvement Programs, initiated 65 years ago, currently have customers in more than 100 countries, accrediting 7,700 laboratories and providing proficiency testing to 20,000 laboratories worldwide.

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