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Meet the 2016 POWER 76: The most influential people in Greater Philadelphia

Welcome to the 2016 edition of the Philadelphia Business Journal's Power 76, a guide to the region's most influential people.

The Philadelphia Business Journal editorial team, which has about 200 years of combined experience covering business, spent many hours debating and crafting this list. It's the job of our reporters and editors to know who the true leaders are in our community. We narrowed in on those wielding the most influence, either through their position, their connections or their money. These are the people with the most impact in shaping the future of Greater Philadelphia.

Why 76? It's Philadelphia, of course, where the Spirit of '76 still influences our daily lives.

Power 76 is not a ranking. The 76 people profiled here are in random order.

Among Philadelphia's Power 76 is Stephen Tang, CEO of the University City Science Center. Stephen

Tang is a major player in the region's tech development and innovation sphere after shaping and pivoting the 53-year-old institution from a quietly humming place for scientific research and education into a central space for the city's ever-growing life sciences and tech communities. The center's resident organizations churn out $13 billion in economic output each year, and most recently took a major leap forward by becoming the second city in the U.S. to house a Microsoft Reactor - meaning Philadelphia now has something in common with worldwide innovation hub San Francisco.

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