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Mayor-elect Parker Announces Names of Full Transition Team

(Philadelphia) – Mayor-elect Cherelle L. Parker is announcing the full list of staffers who will make up her transition team. The complete lists of names can be found at the below links:

Leadership -
Senior Advisors and Steering Committee Members -
Sub-Committee Members -
Transition Staff -

Cherelle L. Parker released the following statement in regards to the upcoming announcement: “I have said that I will bring together the best and brightest from within City government, across Philadelphia and the region, and across the country; and crafting the policies that will create tangible results out of our promises on the campaign trail: to make Philadelphia the safest, cleanest and greenest city in America with economic opportunity for all. The lift of the transition will be heavy, but this will be the team to do it.”

Parker Transition Chairman, Ryan N. Boyer, also stated the following: “This transition will build an administration to make Philadelphia the 21st century, world-class city it has the potential to be. The people who make up this team are the kind of public servants we want across City government. I am excited to get to work with this team.”

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