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Inside The Cell And Gene Therapy And Connected Health Workforce Analysis

Just recently, an independent study to analyze the current workforce landscape and assess the future talent needs of the Greater Philadelphia region’s cell and gene therapy and connected health sectors has found that this workforce is expected to grow between 35 percent to 94 percent in the next 10 years using mid-range growth estimates. The growth could be as much as 54 percent to 136 percent using high-range growth estimates.

I had the pleasure of talking to Claire Marrazzo Greenwood, executive director, Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s regional CEO Council for Growth; Saul Behar, senior vice president for advancement & strategic initiatives, the University City Science Center; and Sarah Steltz, executive director, University City District’s West Philadelphia Skills Initiative about the research results as well as key takeaways for the Greater Philadelphia region’s cell and gene sector.

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Kristen Fitch

Kristen Fitch

Senior Director, Marketing