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Inaugural Innovation Row Connects Investment Community to Entrepreneurs

“‘Innovation is the new currency’ is a catchphrase that we’ve been hearing more and more lately,” said Jeanne Mell (Vice President, Marketing Communications & Community Engagement, University City Science Center) during her introduction to the inaugural Innovation Row, featured at the DIA 2016 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

“Smaller companies that are interested in sharing their innovations with you and getting feedback from the investment community,” are represented here, explained Jonathan Commons, DIA Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development during his opening comments to this session. Seven entrepreneurial organizations were each allocated a 30-second video and a three minute overview presentation to showcase their entrepreneurial work in life science product development.

Following the presentations was a question and answer period led by a panel of leading life science investors. “At the Science Center, we’ve been incubating companies in the life sciences and emerging technologies long before the term ‘business incubation’ was even coined. We just concluded an economic impact study which shows that more than 440 companies got their start at the Science Center, or received incubation services from us, and 155 of them are still active in the Greater Philadelphia region and doing amazing things,” Mell later explained.

“Philly’s wonderful burgeoning start-up scene, which is really blossoming, and our historical strength in life sciences, in education and medicine, made the city a natural place to launch Innovation Row.”

“Innovation Row was a wonderful opportunity for local companies to be able to showcase what they’re working on to a wider audience; DIA attracts global attendance, so that exposure was fabulous. On the flipside, DIA attendees were able to see the diversity of innovation in things that are happening right here in Philadelphia,” Mell said.



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The One Health Company

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Patient Genesis

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Research Hive

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Yuzu Labs

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“Organizations like the Science Center and other tech-based economic development groups that are working to help companies pull their technologies out of the lab and into the marketplace, can help DIA make the connections that will strengthen the innovation ecosystem nationwide,” Mell concluded.

“As a member of the PHL CVB’s Board of Directors and Philadelphia’s life sciences and innovation community, I was absolutely delighted that DIA chose Philadelphia to launch Innovation Row. Please come back – we’d love to see you again!”

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