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Geoff DiMasi wants to help founders feel ‘a little less alone’

Leveraging on his Indy Hall and P’unk Ave experience, tech man about town Geoff DiMasi is setting up shop at Quorum for a six-month stint as their residency program called Entrepreneur In Quorum.

“With the second installment of Quorum’s newest signature program, Entrepreneur IQ, startups can tap into the extensive expertise and experience of Geoff DiMasi, Founder and Principal of interactive design agency P’unk Ave,” the University City Science Center said in a press release published Tuesday.

We asked DiMasi, whom you may know as the curator of Ignite Philly, what wisdom he expected to impart on entrepreneurs during his office hours.

“While I am a subject matter expert in some ways, I recognize that everyone’s circumstance is unique,” DiMasi said in an email. “I anticipate being an informed and empathetic sounding board and coach. It is my hope that I will be able to ask good questions that help people set goals for themselves.”

DiMasi said he’ll be drawing experience from both the joys and pains of being a founder as he guides entrepreneurs in their own process.

“I recognize the inherent loneliness that all leaders feel, and if I can help each person I meet with feel a little less alone I will consider that a success,” the founder said.

Startups can sign up to get some empathetic counsel from DiMasi by emailing Oh, and the “entrepreneur’s clubhouse” is also hosting a lil kickoff shindig for DiMasi on Jan. 24.

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Kristen Fitch

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