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DRIVe Awards InnaMed

DRIVe’s Solving Sepsis program is excited to partner with InnaMed of Philadelphia. InnaMed is developing a point-of-care rapid blood testing device to help diagnose sepsis, determine risk stratification of patients and monitor the response to treatments. DRIVe is providing funding to InnaMed to develop a promising biomarker associated with sepsis to be integrated into this portable device.

InnaMed will develop its proprietary electrochemical proximity assay (ECPA) technology to rapidly test blood for the sepsis-associated biomarker, a recently identified peptide that has shown increased sensitivity, specificity and prognostic ability compared to currently used sepsis indicators. The ECPA platform will be combined with analytics to determine a “sepsis score” to triage and monitor patients.

Solving Sepsis accelerates the development of transformational technologies, including preventative and mitigation measures to reduce sepsis incidence, morbidity and mortality.

Sepsis is the body’s dysregulated immune response to infection that can cause serious tissue damage, organ failure, and death. Sepsis kills more than 270,000 Americans each year but is often difficult to diagnose. In the event of a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack or incident, or as a complication from influenza or other infectious diseases, sepsis could occur as a secondary confounder and is therefore a major health security threat.

DRIVe and InnaMed are committed to a true public private partnership, with DRIVe contributing $200,000 of the $285,750 estimated project costs. InnaMed will fund the remaining development costs.

DRIVe is committed to transforming the speed in which government partners with industry. This contract was awarded within 30 days of InnaMed’s DRIVe EZ BAA Solving Sepsis application.

About InnaMed

InnaMed is developing a comprehensive care management platform. Using InnaMed's products, patients can perform painless blood tests to quantify established biomarkers, answer condition specific symptom surveys, and report vitals like BP, HR and weight. These high-resolution data streams are then combined to measure disease activity at the biological level, identify meaningful changes in status to alert care teams and guide changes in treatment strategy. Founded in 2016, InnaMed is focused on improving the management of complex chronic conditions. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia.

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