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Do I Start a Business or Get a Job? Sage Advice from Stephen Tang

Excited about Philly’s innovation boom over the last five or 10 years? Well the University City Science Center has been funding entrepreneurs and advancing innovation for 52 years.

Under the same roof on 37th and Market Streets, there are scientists working on treatments for Ebola, blood sensors to detect heart attacks and cancer, and beer tests to prevent spoilage. It’s a place where early-stage companies can get free space, free coffee, free wifi, and connect with other entrepreneurs and startups. It’s also happens to be the oldest and largest urban research park in the country.

I recently sat down with CEO Stephen Tang to discuss his thoughts on Philly’s emerging entrepreneurial scene, and how a stalwart like the Science Center fits into the new innovation boom. We also talked about Philly's amazing pool of biopharma talent, lessons learned by young entrepreneurs, and why he isn't crazy about the University City Science Center's name.

BizPhilly: Here's a question you probably get all the time: Should I get a job or take a chance being an entrepreneur? How do you typically respond?

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Kristen Fitch

Kristen Fitch

Senior Director, Marketing