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Choosito! And Quick Key Partner To Deliver Curated, Personalized Learning Content Based On Quizzes And Quiz Results

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (October 20, 2016) Choosito! Inc., curator of open Web content for learning and National Science Foundation Business Innovation Award winner, and Quick Key, maker of mobile assessment software, have partnered to offer students personalized learning content based on quizzes and other data.

Choosito! wants to better-understand the needs of students who search its libraries of open Web content. Choosito! curates its libraries using proprietary machine learning and text analysis, and then delivers that content directly to students based on reading level, subject matter, and other criteria.

Quick Key, whose 40,000 worldwide teacher users have taught millions of students using its mobile formative assessment platform, wants to use data from question items and quiz results to personalize students’ learning experiences.

“This partnership will help students reach their learning goals by giving them access to resources appropriate to their reading level, matched to the relevant subject matter, and curated based on their individual learning needs” said Choosito! Founder and CEO Eleni Miltsakaki.

To start off, the two companies have built a basic search tool accessed by teachers from within Quick Key’s online Teacher Portal at During an initial beta phase, teachers and students will explore the possibilities offered by the integration of the two systems and offer feedback. Quick Key and Choosito! plan to use this feedback develop a deeper integration, to deliver personalized content to students guided by formative assessment data.

“Quick Key enables teachers and their students to share real-time feedback in the classroom. With Choosito! and Quick Key offering automated, data-driven content curation, that feedback will help students to take agency of their own learning using Choosito!, and free teachers to inspire and encourage them on their journey” said Quick Key’s Chief Executive Isaac D. Van Wesep.

All student and teacher data is anonymized between the two companies, allowing them to work together to deliver highly personalized experiences for students while maintaining personal privacy and data security.

About Choosito:

Choosito innovates in education by offering a technology solution to the problem of finding resources that are right for your students. Its technologically-advanced text analysis engine is the result of a multi-year research effort lead by Dr Eleni Miltsakaki, a linguist, scientist, and passionate educator. Choosito is the proud recipient of NSF's Business Innovation Award for educational applications. Find Choosito! at

About Quick Key:

Quick Key makes digital assessment for learning accessible to all teachers and students, no matter what technology is available in their classroom. Quick Key uses proprietary mobile technology to allow students to take quizzes and tests on their personal mobile devices, for teachers to scan and grade paper quizzes with their personal devices, and for all stakeholders to access real-time data to personalize instruction and improve learning outcomes. Quick Key was created by Walter Duncan, a veteran teacher. Find Quick Key at and on iTunes and Google Play.

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Kristen Fitch

Kristen Fitch

Senior Director, Marketing