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Biggest stories in Philadelphia's tech & education scene in 2016

Greater Philadelphia's increasingly bustling industries of technology and education saw steady progress over the course of 2-16. It was a year that brought surprise departures, major acquisitions, as well as victories to celebrate.

Microsoft Reactor Opening: In the perennial battle between U.S. cities to become the next hub for tech innovation, in which places like Austin, Denver and Boston jostle for second-tier standing after New York and the Bay Area, Philadelphia is the scrappy underdog. But the city scored a major win over its competitors this year - a Microsoft Reactor, a combination incubator, event space, training center and community connector that officially opened its doors at the University City Science Center in November. SeventySix Capital's hard campaigning helped secure the win, which made Philadelphia the second city in the country to be chosen to host a Reactor. New York followed, and opened slightly before the city's, but the vote of confidence from a leading global tech company deserves a victory lap.

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Kristen Fitch

Kristen Fitch

Senior Director, Marketing