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Acclinate and Egality Sciences Unite for Health Equity in Hispanic and African American Communities

In a milestone effort to address the historic underrepresentation of Hispanic and African American communities in clinical research, Acclinate and Egality Sciences have formed a groundbreaking partnership. This strategic partnership aims to leverage Acclinate's expertise in health equity to empower Egality Sciences in reaching and engaging Hispanic communities.

“Health shouldn't be a privilege, it's a right,” stated Yvonne Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of Egality Sciences, “Our partnership weaves a tapestry of community that positions both African American and Hispanic/Latino communities for success. By ensuring open doors to clinical research and equal access to care, we will build a future where everyone can be healthy and prosperous.”

Acclinate, a key expert in community outreach, leverages its NOWINCLUDED platform—a trusted health education and engagement source designed for the Black/African American community with over 100,000 members. In this collaborative venture, Egality Sciences will harness Acclinate’s expertise, fostering a partnership that is poised to evolve over time to meet the diverse and evolving needs of its mutual clients, ensuring a responsive approach to community engagement and healthcare solutions.

In collaboration, Acclinate and Egality Sciences aim to:

  • Empower community clinics: Providing operational support for clinics interested in conducting clinical trials, eliminating logistical hurdles, and enhancing research capacity.
  • Raise awareness: Educating and engaging Hispanic and African American communities about the significance of clinical trials and their potential to improve healthcare for everyone.
  • Increase participation: Offering opportunities for individuals to join clinical trials within their communities, fostering trust and eliminating barriers to entry.
  • Generate inclusive data: Diversifying the pool of research participants to create more representative data, leading to improved healthcare outcomes for all.

"Acclinate is excited to unite with Egality Sciences in a shared mission to empower communities,” emphasized Dr. Camille Pope, Chief Medical Lead at Acclinate. “By removing barriers, nurturing ‘affective’ trust, and shaping inclusive healthcare outcomes, we are one step closer to achieving health equity."

Highlighting the urgency of this mission, statistics reveal significant healthcare disparities among Black and Hispanic populations. For example, studies show that the drug albuterol, commonly used for asthma, is 47% less effective in Black/AfricanAmerican patients and 67% less effective in Puerto Ricans. This emphasizes the critical need for inclusive research that considers the unique healthcare challenges faced by different ethnic groups.

Collaborating closely with pharmaceutical sponsors, Acclinate and Egality Sciences are committed to establishing a research presence that genuinely reflects the rich diversity of our populations. This collective effort promises to yield improved health outcomes for all communities.

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