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A cafe, but not for coffee, set to open in University City

A new cafe opens this week in Philadelphia. It's not serving up lattes and cappuccinos, but instead is a place for people to interact about innovation.

The Venture Cafe is at the University City Science Center.

"Every single Thursday, we will have a weekly gathering of innovators, idea makers, and connectors," said director Tracy Brala.

Brala says it includes people like top urban thinker and writer Richard Florida, the featured speaker at the opening event.

"Jerry Johnson and the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra are going to perform," she said, "but then they're also going to do a session on orchestrating leadership."

There's "startup standup" comedy and a panel discussion about what's next for Philly tech after Amazon planted HQ2s elsewhere.

"If someone comes to Venture Cafe and doesn't leave feeling inspired, doesn't leave thinking they want to read a new book or having met a new connection, then we really didn't do our job," Brala said. "So hopefully no one will ever walk out of a Thursday gathering not feeling like they've been enriched in some capacity."

Venture Cafes are in six other cities. The kick-off session at 3675 Market Street is from 3-8 p.m. on the Nov. 29.

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