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6 Seriously Cool Health Care Innovations Ready to Prove Their Worth

You can’t help but root for the companies in the latest class of the University City Science Center’s Digital Health Accelerator. A patch that analyzes sweat to measure dehydration? Using a smartphone to better treat burns and bruises? Enrolling pets in clinical trials for cutting-edge therapies? Yes please.

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Six early-stage healthcare companies have been accepted into the second class of the UCSC health accelerator from a pool of 69 applicants. They’ll receive up to $50,000 in funding along with professional mentorship and networking opportunities with local insurers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and research institutions. During the 12-month program, they’ll also get membership to the Science Center’s Innovation Center @3401.

A few fun facts before we meet the six winning companies.

  • Four companies are graduates of Dreamit.
  • Three of the companies are either women or minority owned.
  • Last year’s class included seven companies that have since created 68 new jobs, generated over $1 million in revenue and raised almost $9 million in follow-on investment.

Here’s the class of 2o16:

  • Grand Round Table: Emails primary care providers a daily summary about their scheduled patient follow-ups so they can better manage high-risk patients, keeping them out of the hospital.
  • GraphWear Technologies: Developed a graphene patch that measures dehydration, glucose, and lactic acid levels, all from your sweat.
  • InvisALERT Solutions: Uses a wearable device to help health care providers monitor patients in institutional settings, improving compliance.
  • Oncora Medical: A tool for planning personalized cancer radiotherapy, reducing the incidence of toxic radiation side effects in patients and improving cancer center efficiency.
  • One Health Company: Helps to enroll ill pets in trials of cutting-edge therapies, improving their wellness and helping to develop new therapies for human medicine.
  • Tissue Analytics: Transforms the smartphone into a platform for evaluating and measuring things like chronic wounds, burns and skin conditions.

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Kristen Fitch

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