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10 Israeli companies selected for Assuta’s ‘RISE With US’ program

Rise, the innovation arm of Assuta Medical Center, has named 10 startups taking part in the second cohort of its RISE with US program, designed to connect them to the global healthcare market with a focus on the American market. The 10 startups were selected from 111 applicants and are focused on developing digital health solutions based on artificial intelligence and big data. The program was established last year in collaboration with Philadelphia’s University City Science Center and has grown this year with the addition of Start-Up Nation Central (SNC). It is being supported by AWS and Nvidia alongside venture capital funds of LionBird and eHealth Ventures who will provide the companies with the tools and connections needed for successful global market penetration.

“Assuta constantly strives to lead and implement advanced medical technologies together with groundbreaking medical R&D partners,” said CEO of Assuta Medical Centers, Gidi Leshetz. “The RISE with US program enables Assuta to take part in designing the future of medicine, and continuing carrying the flag of quality of care, professionalism and humane healthcare service.”The 10 startups will all have direct access to Assuta Medical Centers and receive clinical guidance from physicians, as well as receive access to a network of contacts of the University City Science Center, direct access to hospitals, access to the Angel Capital Association, leading insurers and academic institutions in the Philadelphia area.A list of the 10 selected startups is as follows:

  • Aisap - which has developed an AI platform to detect diseases and analyze findings found in point-of-care ultrasound examinations.
  • SpotitEarly - which develops an early detection screening test for various kinds of cancers through testing of exhaled breath.
  • HealthEi - which develops a patient-faced medical resource to change the way health information is delivered and shared.
  • BeCare - which has developed an AI-based system to help reduce the burden faced by physicians
  • Patient2Patient - which helps insurers and medical organizations increase the effectiveness of care and reduce costs of treatment of patients with chronic ailments.
  • EFA - which developed its RevDX product that can perform several medical analyses based on three main disciplines: microscopic optics, microfluid chip, and AI.
  • Nervio - which develops a solution for neurophysiological monitoring that reduces dependence on human experts for neurophysiological monitoring.
  • Qlog - which supplies hospitals and healthcare systems with communication channels for employees, enabling information to stream in both directions.
  • Agamon Health - which is a Generative AI-automated platform for patient workflow management in radiology
  • GaitBetter - which is an evidence-based neurotherapeutic platform designed for gait rehabilitation, fall prevention, and prediction of neurodegeneration diseases.

“In the post-Covid world, healthcare systems are rapidly changing and investors are demanding entrepreneurs to prove their product value very early on in their development cycle,” added Head of RISE, Daniel Rabina. “This requires medical startups today more than before, to gain an intimate understanding of the needs and pains of their specific target market. Through this program, Assuta helps leading medical startups succeed in these challenging times, ultimately touching the lives of patients, and promoting care and medicine at Assuta and all over the world.”

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Kristen Fitch

Kristen Fitch

Senior Director, Marketing