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Patient-Generated Data: Value-Add or Fashion-Fitness Fad?

Thursday, Apr 19, 2018 | 9:30 PM-12:30 AM

Fitbit, Apple, Dexcom…pretty much every medical device coming onto the market today now tracks and outputs data on its user. For many, this is just fun to have (“I did WHAT in my sleep?”), but for patients, this data can literally be life or death. The concept isn’t new; for years, patients with cardiovascular conditions have worn heart monitors at home and diabetics have kept logs of their blood sugar. What’s changed is that the variety and volume of data is growing astronomically in the age of Bluetooth and smart phones. And most of this data flows straight to the cloud with little or no human intervention.

While this sounds like a medical bonanza, we also have created a real conundrum for providers – particularly those outside of the hospital. Is a cardiologist expected to know when a patient’s remote ECG is showing an imminent event? Is a busy nurse practitioner, who’s already booked all day with 12-minute appointments, going to be able to take the time to review months’ of hourly blood glucose and blood pressure data?

Come hear two experts debate the pros and cons of this avalanche of patient generated data, and how providers are adapting to it as part of the new world of health care.

Mohan Balachandran - COO - Way to Health
Joseph Straton - Tandigm Health

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