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Art Exhibits

Klecksography Workshop with Tyler Kline

Saturday, Mar 04, 2017 | 7:00 PM-9:00 PM

Klecksography is the art of making ink blots, and one of the many techniques used by artist Tyler Kline in his current exhibition Geistdenkenheit.

Tyler Kline will lead an ink blot making workshop where visitors can learn how to make their own. Paper and ink will be provided. Tyler will talk about Justinus Kerner, the 19th century pioneer of the medium as well as Hermann Rorschach's use of a specific set of ink blots to study the subconscious mind. Novice, intermediate and advanced techniques in ink blot creation will be demonstrated, and the session will conclude with a critique and analysis of the ink blots created.

Light refreshments will be provided. All ages welcome for this free event.