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Art Exhibits

From Now to Now

Wednesday, Dec 04, 2019 | 10:00 PM-12:00 AM

Can you smell your future memories?<\/p>\n\n

What does your mutations do to you?<\/p>\n\n

When was the last time you had your Ectoine bath?<\/p>\n\n

Does a worm turn?<\/p>\n\n

Are we becoming blood factories?<\/p>\n\n


We cordially invite you to From Now to Now<\/strong>, five critical inquiries into shifting life forms<\/strong>.<\/p>\n\n





Kiara N. Berrios<\/p>\n\n

Viola Bordon<\/p>\n\n

Narendra Haynes<\/p>\n\n

Elizabeth Heldridge\u00a0<\/p>\n\n

Justine de Jesus<\/p>\n\n

Hanna Kim<\/p>\n\n

Robyn Kweon\u00a0\u00a0<\/p>\n\n

Lisa Sato<\/p>\n\n

Cathy Shang\u00a0<\/p>\n\n

Jillian Stahl\u00a0<\/p>\n\n


Curator:<\/strong><\/em> Angela McQuillan<\/p>\n\n


Special thanks to Dr. Karen Hogan<\/em><\/p>\n\n