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Rewriting Memory

March 16, 2019

Public Event for In Search of Meaning: Memory Becomes Us

Patricia Moss-Vreeland is excited to forge new relationships and experiences about memory for In Search of Meaning: Memory Becomes Us. Her intent is to bring people together by making connections - to see the connections between us, and what is happening around us. Moss-Vreeland has designed ways for us to interact with each other, and make new connections, meaning, and memory. Be present for these kinds of creative exchanges.

“Re-Writing Memory” is a collaborative staged reading featuring the work of director Marcia Ferguson, playwright Daniella Vinitski Mooney, and poet Kyle Conner. Patricia Moss-Vreeland invited the artists to curate and perform readings in response to the theme of memory. Moss-Vreeland’s current exhibition at the Esther Klein Gallery, “In Search of Meaning: Memory Becomes Us,” is a solo multimedia installation. The staged reading is designed as a public event in connection with this exhibit. Composed of two plays and six poems, “Re-Writing Memory” is a collage of readings that creates something new out of previously written materials. In seeking to mirror the technique of Patricia Moss-Vreeland’s multimedia exhibit, in which her poetry, visual art, and film are juxtaposed, the readings comprising “Re-Writing Memory" interrupt and overlap with one another. We ask the audience to listen for the seams, where one work stops and another begins, and think about how and why we chose to stitch the works together in this particular way.

There will be a talkback with these artists and Patricia Moss-Vreeland after the reading, with time to view the exhibition.

The works appear as follows:
Play: Memory, by Daniella Vinitski Mooney. 
Poems: “Not Seeing” and “The Dream” by Kyle Conner
Play: Diving in Backwards, by Marcia Ferguson and Lourdes Blansfield. 
Poems: “Folk Rhythms” and “The Miraculous Question”
Poems: "Time of Youth/Time of Age” and "Torn/Heart” by Sappho and Kyle Conner

Dr. Marcia Ferguson is a full-time faculty member in the Theatre Arts program at Penn. A scholar, actor and director, her most recent project was Best of Cocktail Plays for Juniper productions. She is dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to theatre making, and facilitates multi-disciplinary work as a foundational part of her art-making and teaching practices.

Daniella Vinitski Mooney is a PhD practitioner/scholar with an emphasis in experimental and classical theatre. Her short play, “Memory,” was recently featured through Cambridge University Press, who described it as “lovely, lyrical, and thought provoking.” Daniella currently teaches Acting through the Theatre Arts program at Penn.

Kyle Conner wrestles meaning from language on a daily basis. He works as a regulatory expert at an academic health center, is a journeyman poet, and sings in a 145-year-old chorus. His Border Collie, Wiley, reminds him on a daily basis that life is more fun when you have a ball to chase.

2-3:30 p.m. 


Esther Klein Gallery

3600 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104