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RAIN 2020

Adaptation: An Evolving Innovation Ecosystem

July 30, 2020


RAIN: Adaptation: An Evolving Innovation Ecosystem

The startup ecosystem is a complex and delicate organism, moving and reacting to internal and external factors that shape the way we create and scale ideas, companies and communities. As industries bend and blend, capital and resources shift, and society pivots to technological demands, how must innovators and their support systems realign and adjust?


The 2020 RAIN Conference, titled Adaptation: An Evolving Innovation Ecosystem will explore abrupt pivots as a result of unforeseen circumstances and slow, evolving changes that were the product of shifting market conditions. We’ll explore adaptation through the lens of several ecosystems and hear from the leaders who have navigated organizations through planned and unanticipated change.  


RAIN will feature a fireside chat with Travis Sheridan, Wexford Science + Technology’s first Chief Community Officer who previously served as President of Venture Café Global, followed by lightening talks and a panel discussion from organizations and startups.  

RAIN (Regional Affinity Incubation Network)

The Annual RAIN Conference serves as a platform for organizations that support entrepreneurship to share information and capabilities as a means to reduce barriers to the region’s innovation community. Held annually for eleven years and counting, the half-day conference consistently attracts a strong showing from the business, civic and university communities.

1 - 3:30 p.m.

Virtual + In Person
3675 Market Street