DRIVe Accelerator Network

Transforming Health Security Innovation

DRIVe Accelerator Network


Calling all medical product developers, research teams, and companies offering disruptive solutions to national health security threats!


The Science Center is working with The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to identify the most innovative products and technologies to protect Americans from the most serious systemic, natural and intentional health security threats.


BARDA’s Division of Research, Innovation and Ventures (DRIVe) is building a network of accelerators across the US to promote national health security innovation. The DRIVe Accelerator Network selected the Science Center and seven other accelerators around the US to identify promising innovations in health security.

As a member of BARDA’s DRIVe Accelerator Network, we are populating the R&D pipeline with health security products and technologies that are ready to advance to later-stage funding for clinical development and commercialization.


Working on an innovative solution to a biosecurity threat like sepsis? Apply to be a part of the DRIVe Accelerator. 


Applying is simple:

  • Submit a technical abstract no longer than 2,000 words
  • Include a cost proposal of an additional 2,000 words or less.
  • Proposed costs should not exceed $749,000.


What happens next:

  • Once submitted, DRIVe’s experts will review the application to ensure it is within scope and meets DRIVe criteria.
  • As the applicant, you’ll be notified of the review results within 30 days of your submission.


Learn more about the DRIVe EZ-BAA review criteria.



The Division of Research, Innovation and Ventures (DRIVe), under the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) intends to use responses to this notice for planning potential future acquisitions related to the DRIVe Ventures program. DRIVe Ventures is one of two components of BARDA’s Medical Countermeasure Innovation Partnership (MCIP)1. BARDA will not execute any awards based on this notice, but rather obtain availabilities, capabilities and other pertinent marketplace data to strengthen BARDA’s understanding of organization’s current and future capabilities to address the requirement.


DRIVe Ventures will foster and accelerate the development and innovation of medical countermeasures and technologies to enhance National Health Security preparedness and response in ASPR’s mission to “Save Lives and Protect Americans from 21st Century Health Security Threats.” Venture capital organizations, including but not limited to venture capital firms, corporate venture capital, impact venture capital funds, with experience identifying promising innovative products and technologies, linking innovators and investors, leveraging partnerships and resources to address strategic needs of the federal government are desired. 


The DRIVe Ventures will have the ability to leverage venture capital practices and methods, similar to a corporate venture capital model, to identify, invest-in and promote the development of innovative dual utility medical countermeasures to enhance National Health Security. Following an anticipated period of seed funding from the USG, DRIVe Ventures will transition to a self-sustaining, “evergreen fund” via reinvesting revenues generated from portfolio investments, ultimately creating a sustainable fund to foster Health Security Innovation.