Digital Health Accelerator

Funding, space, mentorship and connections for market and sales development



The Science Center’s Digital Health Accelerator (DHA) supports digital health companies ready to transition from research and development to sales. The DHA provides selected companies with funding, collaborative workspace, professional mentorship, and introductions to key healthcare stakeholders and investors in the Greater Philadelphia region. Participating companies accelerate from prototype development to customer acquisition. DHA curriculum matches companies to professionals with specific skills to help companies meet their individual milestones.


Competition for the program is fierce, we only accept six to seven companies per class. A diverse selection team comprised of of serial entrepreneurs and representatives of hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, insurers/payers and investors select six to seven companies per class. 


New Jobs Created


Generated in Revenue


Raised in follow-on investing
"The DHA is a great community of entrepreneurs-- a well selected group of excellence seekers. The ecosystem means a lot when you are an entrepreneur. The support of the Science Center has also been paramount for our credibility and progress."

- Christina Lopes, Founder & CEO of The One Health Company, participant in the second DHA class

What we provide 

The DHA will help participating companies grow in the U.S. healthcare market and increase revenue through sales, partnerships and grants. Applicants must be willing to take advantage of the coaching and mentoring provided by the DHA and submit regular progress reports. The DHA will provide additional assistance as follows:

  • Up to $50,000 cash in operational support, to go from research and development into sales
  • Access to lab and incubator space at the Science Center in Philadelphia
  • Guidance in developing relevant business opportunities in the Greater Philadelphia market and beyond
  • Warm introductions to appropriate decision makers within your target market
  • Expert feedback and recommendations for company presentations and materials
  • Mentorship to complement expertise and operational gaps
  • Support and advice on capitalization, attracting investment, and increasing revenues, customized to each company
  • Introductions to the appropriate advisors, mentors, consultants, and support
  • Access to investors

Who Should Apply?


Successful applicants will be ready to establish operations in the Greater Philadelphia region. Applicants will have a product at least at prototype stage. Applicants must be ready, during the period of the award, to deploy it to generate initial sales or partnerships, or to scale sales and marketing efforts. Companies that best demonstrate the following characteristics through existing or planned activities will be considered for the program. We will look for these elements in our selections, but not every company will have all of these characteristics:


  • Focus on digital health solutions that are transformative, improve patient care and safety, and enhance wellness and patient independence   
  • Willingness to form partnerships with university and/or other affiliates
  • Ability to create jobs in the Greater Philadelphia region
  • History of revenue generation or the ability to provide matching source of investment
  • Pennsylvania-based operations during the funding period
  • Funds expended in the Greater Philadelphia region


The application deadline for the current period has closed. 

If you are unsure if you are a digital health company at the right stage of development to apply, or if you have other questions, please contact Program Manager Aron Starosta at DHA [at]

DHA Companies


Flushable pregnancy tests, remote patient monitoring systems, augmented reality to prepare for emergency situations – these are among the seven technologies being developed by  the third class of the University City Science Center’s Digital Health Accelerator (DHA).

2017 DHA Class:

  • CareCierge is a high-tech/high-touch benefit for employees who struggle to balance work while caring for an ill or aging loved one. CareCierge empowers employee caregivers with a personalized roadmap for care coordination and a trusted advisor to talk to, thereby reducing the lost productivity and increased healthcare expenditure that costs US Businesses $47 Billion/year.
  • ImmERge Labs uses virtual and augmented reality to reimagine how the world prepares for emergency situations.  Using disruptive technologies to improve critical skills, ImmERge Labs transforms bystanders into rescuers through applications that integrate a physical manikin with highly realistic, multi-sensory simulations that technically, emotionally, and mentally prepare one to render life-saving interventions.
  • LIA Diagnostics is the first-ever, flushable and biodegradable pregnancy test. Lia uses innovative materials and unique manufacturing to provide women with a discreet, battery-and-plastic-free alternative. Through DHA, Lia is planning to develop a digital application that will help facilitate purchases, further develop the Lia brand, and provide post-test education.
  • PainQx is a diagnostic/software company that has developed a next-generation approach to objectively measure pain in humans. The PainQx platform achieves this by assessing neural activity from a patient’s brain and processing and decoding the data through its proprietary algorithms. The output is a pain biomarker that is directly correlated to a patient’s pain state. The PainQx system is currently being used as a clinical assessment tool by companies using pain as an endpoint to measure their drug’s and device’s efficacy.
  • RegDesk helps MedTech and PharmBio companies get their regulatory and reimbursement strategies right the first time. Using machine learning and the largest global network of compliance experts, RegDesk clients obtain reliable product-specific regulatory, reimbursement and market access insights globally, allowing for faster access to market, with reduced risk and lower cost.
  • repisodic enables hospitals and their patients to find high-quality, personalized post-acute care by offering the most comprehensive picture of these providers available anywhere – online for free.  The repisodic platform connects post-acute care providers with discharging hospitals, patients, and their families to coordinate care and improve outcomes.
  • Semacare is a deep machine learning artificial intelligence platform that improves health outcomes by allowing for earlier diagnosis of serious heart conditions.  Semacare’s cloud platform and portable clinical-grade ECG and Pulse Oximeter provides data for early heart failure and stroke prevention diagnosis, and monitoring Q-T prolongation (the key indicator of a heart condition that causes sudden death).

Digital Health Accelerator of the University City Science Center

2016 DHA Class: 

  • Grand Round Table emails primary care providers a daily summary about their scheduled patient follow-ups so they can better manage high-risk patients, keeping them out of the hospital.

  • Graphwear Technologies has developed the first graphene patch which measures dehydration, glucose, and lactic acid levels, all from your sweat.
  • InvisAlert Solutions uses a wearable device to help care providers monitor patients in institutional settings, improving compliance.
  • Oncora Medical has a tool for planning personalized cancer radiotherapy that reduces the incidence of toxic radiation side effects in patients and improves cancer center efficiency.
  • The One Health Company helps to enroll ill pets in trials of cutting-edge therapies, improving their wellness and helping to develop new therapies for human medicine.
  • Tissue Analytics transforms the smartphone into a platform for evaluating and measuring things like chronic wounds, burns, and skin conditions. 


2014 Inaugural Class

  • Biomeme enables anyone to do mobile real-time DNA analysis.  
  • Curbside Care is the Uber for healthcare delivery – housecalls are back!  
  • Fever Smart is a smart patch thermometer that allows for continuous and remote temperature monitoring.  
  • Fitly’s SmartPlate instantly analyzes your entire meal with up to 99% accuracy. 
  • Keosys (France) helps multicenter clinical trials manage, centralize and assess medical imaging. 
  • Pulse InfoFrame (Canada) transforms clinical data into the patient information that powers decisions, improves outcomes and advances research. 
  • UE Life Sciences develops innovative yet low-cost and easy-to-use medical devices for breast cancer detection for underserved populations like women in developing countries and women with dense breasts.

DHA Partners


The Digital Health Accelerator is funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Growth Accelerator Fund. The DHA has also received support from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development.


The Selection Committee includes representatives from:


  • Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP / Investors Circle
  • Comcast
  • Cross Valley Capital
  • DDR Partners
  • Drexel University
  • Fitly  (DHA Alumnus)
  • Global Center for Medical Innovation 
  • Goldman Law Associates
  • Hewlett Packard 
  • Independence Blue Cross
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Results Repeat
  • Safeguard Scientifics
  • SG3 Ventures
  • St. Luke's University Health Network
  • University City Science Center 


Additional Speakers/Mentors:

  • Temir Alimov – Consultant, software and app development
  • Kevin Drucker – Baer, Crossey, McDemus
  • Wayne Dudley – Lexis-Nexis Risk Solutions
  • Jenn Hartt – Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA 
  • Patrick Kelly – Riverside Law
  • Larry Portnoff – AI Advisor, Inc. 
  • Ellen Weber – Robin Hood Ventures/Temple University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute 

Questions about the Digital Health Accelerator?  

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