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The Front Lines of COVID-19

The Science Center was built on the foundation of technology commercialization designed to enable life changing technologies to transition from the lab to the bedside.

It’s times like this that we’re reminded how critical those researchers, entrepreneurs and companies are.

New technologies, particularly those in the biotech space, take years of development and reach the marketplace; however, in uncertain times with an on-going health crisis, the ability and capacity to go to market is significantly accelerated. Several of the companies and researchers tirelessly developing solutions to today’s most critical healthcare problem can be traced back to the Science Center.

The responses from the local community to help fight this global pandemic has been exceptional

Here are a few with connections to our commercialization programs:

  • Biomeme (Digital Health Accelerator graduate) is developing “Go-Strips,” which could potentially be used to detect the presence of coronavirus. Read more on their blog.
  • Intervir (Phase 1 Ventures funded and supported) is developing antiviral technology, originally developed for Ebola/Marburg/hemorrhagic viruses, that may be adaptable to COVID-19.
  • Integral Molecular (incubator graduate and uCity Square resident) is working on COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutics research.
  • Respana Therapeutics (Phase 1 Ventures funded and supported) is developing a therapeutic that enhances the recovery from influenza and lower respiratory infections, which has a strong overlay with symptoms related to COVID-19.
  • As a member of the BARDA DRIVe Network, we help identify technologies that address national health security threats, including COVID-19. Over the last few weeks, we’ve connected six new technologies from Penn, Penn State, CHOP, Drexel - even Ireland - related to COVID-19 to BARDA for potential further development. Among the technologies was recent QED Proof-of-Concept awardee, Dr. Haim Bau.

If you are working on a technology developing COVID-19 related solutions, please reach out to us at for additional help and support, and to discuss potential funding opportunities with our network and partners.