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Nucleus Revisited

Missed Nucleus 2020? We’re delighted to present you with a recording of our September 22nd program honoring Benjamin Doranz, Aurora Archer and Sylvester Mobley. See below for some helpful time markers.

Welcome Remarks with Science Center's Saul Behar

Conversation with Saul Behar and Tracey Matisak of WHYY

Commercialization Award sponsored by NewSpring

Benjamin Doranz, President & CEO of Integral Molecular

Convener Award sponsored by PFM and TriState Capital

Aurora Archer, Co-Founder of The Bellatrix Group and The Opt-In Podcast

Cultivator Award sponsored by Wexford Science & Technology and Ventas, Inc.

Sylvester Mobley, Founder & CEO of Coded by Kids

Interview with Tiffany Wilson

Incoming President & CEO of the Science Center

Thank you to all our sponsors who made Nucleus possible and who continue to support our crucial, and – more than ever – timely work.

As you will hear and see in the days ahead, we believe discovery can go beyond improving our lives today, to helping create a more equitable tomorrow.

Nucleus is the Science Center’s only annual fundraiser. If you haven’t already sponsored or made a donation, please consider supporting the work we do to drive innovation in our region..

Thank you to our Nucleus 2020 sponsors!