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Introducing Space Quorum

Free drop-in workspace for the innovation community shouldn’t be terrestrial. That's why we're shooting for the stars in our latest expansion.

Today the Science Center announced plans to launch Space Quorum by 2030. With R&D already underway, the University City-based non-profit will launch an intergalactic iteration of its popular drop-in lounge as a ‘third place’ for astronauts and the extraterrestrial community.

We recognize that people need a break from their regular workspace whether it be a home office, a cubical at work or the International Space Station. Space Quorum will provide that third place to get work done, connect with others in the space community, hold an impromptu space meeting or just relax and galaxy watch.

“Space Quorum is a natural progression for the Quorum brand,” says Kristen Fitch, marketing director. “It’s an untapped market with limitless potential and a vast market size.”

The Science Center plans to offer a constellation of programming focused on resources available across the Milky Way, intergalactic capital and avoiding startup black holes.

Space Quorum is light years ahead of the competition.

Back here on Earth

We’re excited to announce the reopening of the Earth Quorum Lounge, located at 3675 Market Street, on May 3rd (really!) – just in time for its tenth birthday! Stay tuned for more details and we hope to see you here on Earth or up in space sometime soon.