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A Note From the Science Center

Friends & Colleagues,

Across our country and throughout our city, people are hurting. But the pain is not new to this moment in history. We recognize the impact this has on our friends, neighbors, and colleagues in the black community. It's forcing us to have important and uncomfortable but necessary conversations about systemic changes that must take place.

We hear it, we feel it, and we stand in solidarity with all whose voices are finally being heard.

The unjust deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others are the direct result of racism, injustices and systematic failures at the expense of the black community. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery lost their lives at the hands of those possessing power and privilege. And this abuse of power and privilege happens every day in every city and town across our country.

We can and must do better.

On Monday we had an open and honest conversation within the Science Center family about the significance of the events that occurred in Philadelphia over the weekend and in Minneapolis the week before. The dialogue was raw, emotional and honest. It implored all of us to consider how we can collectively and individually do better.

But at a time of so much uncertainty, some things are crystal clear:

Racism is unacceptable

Violence against the black community is unacceptable

We stand by those who are peacefully making their voices heard

We are committed to ensuring our spaces, our conversations, and the opportunities we sow are open and accessible to communities of color.

But we don’t have all the answers

These efforts represent progress towards a truly equitable and inclusive ecosystem, and society. But there’s a lot more we can and must do.

Progress doesn’t happen without an open dialogue and we’re here to listen, learn, and act.

Respectfully yours,

The Science Center